Women love Rob Gronkowski (21 Photos)

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  • mmm

    I don't know- he seems genuinely stoked, and not like your typical self-absorbed douchebag.

  • https://www.facebook.com/drewgins Andrew Horgan

    Gronk Mad about pictures………Gronk gonna destroy other Manning brother

  • Canadupe

    ah the good ol' internet… a little overweight in your pic? inevitable comment: "haha disgusting fatass!" Buff and take care of yourself? inevitable comment: "dumbass jock douche!"

  • LeoLoco99

    #14 hey you guuuuyyys

  • swmilder

    #17 lol that girl is wanting to grab his cock so bad….

  • Sackmybulls

    No 11, find MOAR! and when your done doing that……. Find even MOAR!

  • Doctor_What

    "I am going to fuck your girlfriend now."


  • Anonymous

    Pimp! Nuff said! Yall jus mad cuz tha dolph lundgren looking mufa stealin yalls Ho’s es !

  • disgruntled_uk

    Women love Rob Gronkowski – Surely that should have been … Rob Gronkowski loves Rob Gronkowski

  • sam

    u want to give those steroids a break you know what they do to you$$$$$$$$$

  • Dustin

    I always see Thad Castle when I see rob. A non-likable Thad Castle. Has never had a bad day in his life.

  • NAGA

    All you people have to remember something, Just because he"s a pro athlete He"s still a foolish Kid. Think back when you were 22 or 23. Gronk is human and will do foolish things like the rest of us did, and if you did not then you were quite mature for your age. Now think of it like this too, how many kids his age are having a good time like him? I can tell you it"s a whole lot and you don"t hear or read about it because their not famous and to say he has to be held at a higher standard is wrong, but I will agree If he is harming anybody in an unethical way then he would be dead wrong. Lets stop putting these athletes on pedestals like most people do and just let them be normal everyday people.

  • Corey

    Bitches getting Gronked

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  • Tim

    Gronk is a pimp, don't hate. If you all were tall and buff you'd get laid too.

  • https://www.facebook.com/herecomesdan.thebadness.onemangoonsquad Dan Peterson

    everyone who posted comments on here is so butthurt about this rich 23 year old who obviously bangs a lot of chicks. Oh, and, "no homo"

  • Andrea

    Gronk is my favorite patriot so people can hate on him but he's just being himself and enjoying life.

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