Cat Saturday (30 Photos)

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  • rights

    What a jerk.

  • Mike ock

    I know Mac is a gay member of NAMBLA

  • Mike ock

    I know Mac is a gay member of NAMBLA but isn’t it ironic that he wants to show pictures of pussy with hair? Mac and these cats have to go.

  • Vent187

    MAC, well done keep it up. I love everything the Chive posts. Let’s go with an anti “stuf” post. That guy is a dickhead.

    • Rob Taylor

      Mac, don’t let them placate your mangina that is solely attracted to little boys and cats. You suck rhinoceros dick along with your stupid ass cats

  • your mum

    the harder you try to be clever, the more you suck at it. just stop already. if you stfu for a day, we'll go get ice cream tomorrow after school lets out, okay?

    • Mike Ock

      Go suck your cats balls ass bag. Your mommy thinks I am very clever.

  • Jess

    #27 is my kitty! How did this get here?!?

  • Iheartturnips

    To everyone complaining about all the cats on CAT Saturday…you geniuses do realize you don't actually have to click on the post yes? It's amazing really…you see a post and think grrr not cats again then you scroll past it! I know shocking right? You're welcome😉

    • Mike Ock

      Who asked you? Know your role and sit in the corner with your stupid ass cats

      • Iheartturnips

        lol. dork.

  • Caturday

    Caturday!!!! Jesus. Not Cat Saturday. Idiots.

  • jason

    mike ock is so witty from his jevenile play on words name and his witty comments to other chivers. but i guess its easy to be witty when your unemployable and live in your parents bsmt and pleasure yourself to reruns of star trek while thinking about the one time you kissed a girl in grade school when she was dared to do it.

    • Mike Ock

      Jason, what can I say to your rude statement. For the last time, I am not your dad. You’re mother and I would like you to move out of the garage. By the way, last night when you kissed your mom goodnight, she had just finished sucking by dick. The mushroom stamp is free bur your ass has got to go. Your real father left because he didnt love you. Your mother wishes you were never born. We have a great insurance policy on your little ass so go ahead and do the world a favor and kill yourself. Gun is loaded in kitchen cabinet. We are going car shopping.

      • Iheartturnips

        Really mike? Talking about a guy's parents? Way to prove Jason right lol what are you 12?

        • Mike Ock

          Yes Ihurttirnips, I meant to insult Jason’s parents for his conception the same way that I would insult that product of baboon loving you see in the mirror every day.

  • Rob Taylor

    Ouch!!! Jason need a hug. Lmao

  • Rick T

    I am confused, who is having sex with Jason’s mother? Do we not like her because she has cats?

  • Silverdrgn

    #6 Lets not go into details, just lend me a hand

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