Amazing chocolate creations (24 Photos)

  • Nemesis Enforcer

    #16 God I love Inception!

  • yankeesji

    Pretty awesome creations.

  • Leonel_LyL

    #1 Nou Camp.

  • gutterville

    Damn why did I look at this thread. I just started on my diet again and this made me hungry. WHY CHIVE!!!

  • Rick

    #24 wow

  • Tommy

    #11 wow Kristi Yamaguchi look-alike in a chocolate bustier! Yum!

  • varlotto

    #18 is a cake

  • almne

    #2 tastes pretty good, I bought some on a whim from World Market, but I prefer the Chocorooms.

  • DC007

    # 20
    is not chocoalte

  • Connorino

    The last one is on display in a museum in Tasmania! It's a suicide bomber

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