Chivers dodging death from above (6 Photos)

I received two strange emails within an hour of each other last night. Both emails shared a very common thread as you'll see and I thought they were worth posting.

The first came from Adam, a Chiver in Washington. After an ice storm the other night, Adam woke up about 10am. He could hear the branches cracking outside, straining under the weight of all the ice. Adam got out of bed to head to work. Shortly thereafter, a huge branch crashed through the roof of his house and landed dead center… right in the middle of his bed.

Adam took this photo right after the incident. The shirt he donned that day looks familiar, maybe even a little lucky.

  • el duderino

    Few inchs to the right and it would have missed your ass

    • Anonymous

      Methinks these two dudes should buy lotto tickets together

  • Shirtless Grumpy Pants

    #4 nice shirt. Now go to The Berry and take it off. Super cute.

    • Andrew

      I definitely don't have enough Muscle "Definition" to be put on The Berry… Maybe Tattoo's.. but no muscle!!!
      signed: The guy in this photo

      • Anonymous

        Hey guy in this pic. I’d loooove to see the tattoos. Definitely take it off. Signed (secret sexy chivette 😉

      • ChelseaRules

        You look just fine to me.

      • Katie

        You look gorgeous to me……do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • trumeth

    Woke up at 10am, then went to work, where do you work bro? I'd like those hours.

  • Russian47

    3 I see ADT ISN’T always there

  • theKid

    survive on

  • bubblerider86

    Holy fuckballs! KCCO indeed! Glad you chivers are ok 🙂

  • jun

    Son of a bitch, he woke up at 10am? I can't remember the last time I slept that late. That's what I call lucky.

  • JoLo

    you Americans and your guns

    • http://what Craven Morehead

      Hey, Shit for Brains, if you live in a country where only the military, criminals and police have guns, but the law abiding citizen does not, good luck to you. Go forth, and reproduce with yourself very painfully.

  • Redwall

    "Fuck who shot me?"

    Most confusing few moments ever!?

  • Jammy

    All for the Brits, they are one of the few countries that got our back when we need it. Plus there are tons of hot chicks there and quite open about shagging.

  • Mmmm

    #4 i agree. You should take your shirt off. Pleeeeease.

  • ChelseaRules

    Holy crap, those are some lucky (not to mention attractive) guys!

    • Bense328

      Well… Thank you Chelsea!

  • F.S.M.

    Only a sith deals in absolutes..

    • Derp

      So… ban all guns is not an absolute?

  • da goober


  • kt

    So…is number 4…holding…his wood? Teehee. attractive men make me make bad jokes. glad you Chivers survived! 🙂

  • woozles

    a few inches to the right and it would have missed him completely.

  • somerandomdude

    I guess we have something to thank God for

  • brian

    i had a friend that died shot to the head with a shot to the floor. R.I.P. Eddy Willson / edmonton alberta

  • joo

    Why did the guy upstairs have the gun eh?

  • Lamhchops

    Cause it’s fuckin ‘merica

  • Eric

    Accidentally discharged…likely story. I think someone was aiming!!! What have you done to them?

  • Nefaarious

    When I was 5 I lived in a really bad area, and my apartment was shit. The walls were nearly paper thin.
    One day, a guy brought a gun home, set it on his table, and it went through our wall, and shot into my Moms matress. We still have the blanket with the hole in it.

    • Nefaarious

      wow I just realized I made it sound like the gun went through the wall haha… the pistol fired when he set it down. 😀

  • Humper

    I’m british an I gotta spud gun, come at me bro. 

  • Scott

    This is why idiots (or as we call them, americans) shouldn't own guns

  • El nino

    You Americans and your guns….

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