It’s Monday, you could use some motivation (30 Photos)

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  • VickWick

    #8 Silly, Afghani women are not allowed to have phones!

  • bobonuts


  • Fyarl666


  • that_dude_b

    #25 bitches…

    • Underbaker

      Cheapest Crack you ever bought.

    • JHL1

      Obviously shopped.
      There's no cottonseed in ThinMints

  • matty


  • Bill Posters

    #29 It's about time some one believed me!

    • PharmacyGuy

      Well played, sir!

  • matthewdubya

    is it just me or are a lot of these posts becoming more and more repetitive???? I keep seeing the same things over and over in different places. FIND SOME NEW STUFF!!!

    • DaddyD

      The Chive guideline is at least 85% of each post must be new. That allows for newcomers to catch up.

      • Paul from the gump

        catch up on what exactly?

    • blah

      go make some new ones

      • rrinseandrepeat

        is it just me or are a lot of these posts becoming more and more repetitive???? I keep seeing the same things over and over in different places. FIND SOME NEW STUFF!!!

    • SnidleeWhiplash

      is it just me or are a lot of these posts becoming more and more repetitive???? I keep seeing the same things over and over in different places. FIND SOME NEW STUFF!!!

      • Just Sayin'

        i like how this third post had more thumbs up for no reason…

    • Dan

      I actually haven't seen any of these in any of the other posts they've had.

    • mmatthewdubya

      is it just me or are a lot of these posts becoming more and more repetitive???? I keep seeing the same things over and over in different places. FIND SOME NEW STUFF!!!

      • James

        apparently nobody likes you 😦

    • cutandpastedpics

      and ya, chive is running outa stolen material from redit..

    • will

      chive has a lot of staple posts but repetitive? na, it's always a pretty mixed bag. they have chivers being shot today and I'm never going to complain about a 'repetitive' Mind the Gap post.

      • matthewdubya

        let me clarify…the women havent been repetitive and even if they were, i wouldn't notice, nor would i cae, but it seems that some of the memes and posters i have seen in other posts…a few days ago some of the posts from DMA were on the DAR, its not a huge deal but i constantly look forward to seeing something new and being able to laugh at it….but its not often i laugh at the same thing twice. Either way, Chive, you are ok by me and Chive On!!!!

    • Doc Arkham

      Yeah, Chive! Here we are paying all this money for all this content! HOW DARE YOU?!

  • Leroy Jenkins

    Eggy Pump

  • superfly


    how many will go look at the box?

    • superfly

      #25 my bad

      • Underbaker

        I'm still waiting on my dealer… ummm… I mean Girl Scout to deliver this year.

  • Bill Posters

    You'll never take me alive!

    • Underbaker

      Did you ever think about if that statement gave law enforcement people the weirdest boners?

  • KaptanPickles

    Ty Mr. Gibson, now i feel better 🙂 but still lazy…

  • Seldi84

    #3 I must remember this for when the zombies come.
    #27 That is not a bad pont.

    • Cavall

      Not a question though.

    • Nerd alert

      The statement in #27 is also not a question like the poster implies.

  • beforecoffee

    #30 ?

    • Katie

      Big bang theory (show) she's "cool" he's a nerd/genius

    • Lisa

      is it trying to say that Kaley Cuoco is a nerd and Jim Parsons is cool in real life? That's the best I could come up with…

    • echogeo

      Kaley is hot under any circumstances.

    • Endo

      Uhh.. the poster is the opposite of the show…she's wearing nerdy glasses and he's smoking ("cool").

    • Rocks Off

      God Jim Parsons sucks balls.

      • 2pumpdump

        Why ya gota be that guy?

        • 4609

          what do you mean? he's right…..

      • @McBeastie666

        Gotta agree. I've watched maybe 10 minutes of that show and I don't understand why the rest of the friends don't put that asshole in a shallow grave.

        • Jester

          They'd be too tired after digging your grave.

  • etcrr

    #15 it did work and they are doing it right

    • Underbaker

      But why? As if there aren't enough mama pigs out there to handle them or is this just punishment to the Tiger since she ate their mom?

      • Bob

        they did it because the tigress lost her cubs and she was depressed, not eating etc

        • Underbaker

          Thanks Bob, that makes some sense at least.

  • PowerHour

    #19 I didn't know Sarah Jessica Parker had a daughter

    • do-its

      wow, can't believe someone out there saw a horse and had the brainpower to make a sarah jessica parker joke. Spectacular dude. You win at life. I mean, fuck, that is just god damn clever!

      • DaddyD

        It's the "daughter" part that makes it funny.

        • The_Dood

          Yeah, at least it was somewhat original. I had a chuckle.

      • SMT

        You're an angry elf. You must be a South Pole Elf.

      • An Average Chiver

        agreed. everyone knows that's Dylan.

      • ieourgh

        THANK YOU! i've been visiting this site for over a year, and for over a year people have been the same. damn. joke. over and over and over. shit's old.

    • lex

      well played.

    • duuuhhhh

      Thats Dylan silly.

  • val

    #3 But 6'000'000'000 brains + 6'000'000'000 zombies = 12'000'000'000 deads brains, and we're about 7'000'000'000 on earth… Who's gonna rebuild the human race?

    (sorry for trolling)

    • Cavall

      Fuck man your math just saved us all! That aint trollin!

      • Kyle

        Thank goodness only humans have brains…

    • Kris

      I will selflessly volunteer to have sex with most of the Chivettes in order to repopulate.

    • Brain eater

      It is also poorly designed. If you had multiple wheels lined up next to each other with a "community" brain to lure you can have less brain material, more results. Also nowhere does it say you need 1 whole brain. portions can be used as well.

  • sllimcat

    #19 so am I

    • Rafael_RS

      I would put a settle on that and ride away

      • Guest

        I'd settle for a saddle.

  • beforecoffee

    #30 ha a little slow but I get it

    • shitfaced

      I don't, explain?

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        In the alternate universe, Penny is the nerd while Sheldon is the normal one.

        I suppose it would also help if you actually watched The Big Bang Theory….

        • mattythegooch

          true, but is says "parallel"…

          • sam

            Well, the person also wrote "in parallel universe" which is grammatically incorrect so there's no point in nit picking on that kind of stuff..

            • amrith777

              Plus–both terms can apply.The best way to put it is that there are parallel universes (Multiverse) each with its own alternate realities or events/histories/permutations.This is my understanding of it,anyway.Also–Huge "The Big Bang Theory" fan here.

  • Collosus11

    #30 BAZINGA!!

    • Endo

      Another classic prank.

  • knotmee

    #18 "mother of for", "she herself in 12 hours".

    fucking illiterates captioning pictures, its the AIDS of the 2010's….

    • Biggus Diccus

      your awesome

      • Grammar Spammer

        ^ you're*

        • BigRick69

          I'm pretty sure he was making a joke.

    • mbomb

      $31? Must have charged sales tax, or a convenience fee on that baggie.

    • ThatGuy

      Yes. The outrage here is one of grammar.

    • Kelly

      Bad grammar is like AIDS!!!!!!

    • MonkeyMadness

      So a hit and run charge is better then being busted for marijuana. Their lucky they didn't get the chair. Are justice system is really screwed up. If you do drugs, than your gonna be in big trouble!

      Have fun grammer nazis. 😛

  • dbizzle

    #6 anyone want to guess where the tubesteak went?!

    • He.

      Rump…i hope.

    • Agonystes


    • just me

      its marinating

    • Guest

      Yes. I want to guess.

  • Scott

    #23 "A married man made his own sandwich?" Bitch, that's my life.

    • Green Mountain Bot

      I think the shock should be that ANYONE was reading a newspaper.

  • echogeo

    They only eat live brains. Your argument is invalid.

    • dirtysteve99

      incorrect, they eat flesh.

      • suomynona

        If they just eat flesh then why is there just a brain for a lure?

        • dirtysteve99

          I should have said they ALSO eat flesh. A brain is fine too.

    • echogeo

      No one remembers this classic?

      • dirtysteve99

        Yup, best graveyard stripper scene ever.

    • daveh873

      If you're saying they only eat brains, you're going off the Return of the Living Dead series. Of course, that series also showed a scene where the humans lured zombies into following them by throwing animal brains off the back of a truck, so your statement wouldn't hold true.

      And now it is your argument that is invalid.

  • Anonymous

    How do u sell 31 dollars worth? Anyone else find this strange??

  • boop boop skadoop


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