Rihanna has been on a recent Twitter tear (13 Photos)

Found via Buzzfeed


  • Patratt

    Absolute skank!

  • Brian

    Soooo hot, want to touch the heiny

  • Turftoe

    She’s nasty, bleh


    I see the Chive is still pandering to the one demographic they fear retribution from the most. How can you even disgrace your site by parading this Illuminati puppet demented SKANK !! look in her eyes and all you see is a dark void, absent of better judgement or the ability to control her own thoughts or life.

  • Rhino

    #11 – Duck… #12 Duck… #13 GOOSE

  • Bob

    #3 she is trash and an untalented whore.

  • MITH


  • iamwhoiam

    Surprise surprise, haters on the internet
    She’s a decently Beautiful woman that apparently has enough talent to make her a big star

  • b money

    i agree with you Panzer

  • Dennis

    Damn she has a nice ass

  • Koolzguy

    For real some of u Guys sound racist, come on she’s sexy and a celebrity and if she gives me the chance I would hit it. So now don’t bother the chive by telling them not to put up black woman because they can put whatever they fucking want idiots so let them do there job cuz I love what they do and hey if u don’t like it then there’s virtual door!!!

  • MrGrouch87

    Id rather have ANY of our loyal chivettes than this far from attractive, “so called” beauty who loves men who beat on women….just sayin’

  • john

    She is definitely an illuminati puppet. lookup “umbrella” on youtube and check out the interpretations of that video. very disturbing.

  • Lisa

    .. what's with this chick, anyway??? Skank, just get it over with and stop pretending you're a great singer… you should be in porn movies instead.

  • that guy

    At least there's some ass and some Danny Trejo.

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