• fuckyoufirstbitches

    where's the video?

    • brian

      its in the little box above the comment section

  • DayFlyer

    no vid

  • TBT

    Those pants, ironically, scored a measly 46.2 out of 10,000.

    • BTB

      those pants scored a 10,000 out of 46.2

  • Dakota

    still a ginger..

  • HAM


  • sketchent

    amazing, but not a perfect… i'm a strict judger but his hands touched the snow at the end and he wobbled a bit on landings…99.8

  • Charlie

    I'm gunna go make soup

  • New_Guy

    if it's perfect, then why did his hands touch the ground?

  • peter

    "the competition is still a joke to me" sean white

  • Brundizz

    "that is why this dude is Shaun White"…………….?????

    • Brundizz

      Last time I checked that was his name…..

  • dickface

    i hate you shawn white

    • Trint

      Shawn White hates you too dickface….

  • billybob

    Hand down man down

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