• kt

    “YOUR BABY IS FUCKING UGLY.” lost it. haha.

  • Dakota

    i apologize to all women who now know what guys are thinking about……. ALL THE TIME

  • pufffdragon

    Apologize for what??
    Hand in your man card now .

    • sketchent

      men don't apologize!

  • James

    Anybody notice one was wearing a KCCO Shirt

  • Fickled pigs

    Hold on, have to type one handed, I'm masturbating…

  • James

    I'm sorry this post is so late, I was masturbating while pooping.

  • Bryan

    "No, of course you can't have my credit car."

  • Mike Hunt

    I am going to use this sand to help me masturbate.

  • guest


  • Lauren

    this made my day… thank you

  • babyface

    Im only going down on you cause i cant get it up!! hahha classic

  • tito

    "i masturbated 20 minutes ago but i saw a girl hotter than you on the street, now i'm masturbating again."

  • Adam

    half that shit i do say out loud

    • Frank Dogg

      Me too, especially "Dont go in the bathroom for a while, I just pooped"

    • Yo Mamma

      Me too, "I have a boner" all the time, followed by, "please fix it"

  • Royds

    That dress does make you look fat.
    I can't call you later, I'll be out trying to fuck other women.
    What the fuck were you thinking getting that tatoo on you, it looks like shit.
    If you didn't have that ass, I wouldn't have said, "No I insist, after you…"

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