• Anonymous

    Ok she can talk backwards, but can she make a sandwhich??

  • keith

    Since it doesn't play backwards how do we know if she is doing it correctly? She could be saying anything.

  • Noodle

    I can't be the only one who thought this?!

  • Jacobs of Tahlequah

    Tahlequah REPRESENT!!!!

  • polus

    find her

  • Davey

    She could be saying random shit and I wouldn't even know…

  • ROET

    staht a egnarts gnikool nehctik

  • UnknownBC

    where's the part where they play the video in reverse? Otherwise this is pretty fucking dumb.

  • spense d

    can someone download the audio and flip it in soundforge and test this girls skills out?

  • FLIP

    All the haters should STFU! Everybody can do it, well post ur video then… just jealous she was here first? Why are people so quick to shoot someone down? This will get her real far in life???
    Did anybody notice that she is not the one claiming to be able to do this,it is in fact, everyone around her that is proud to represent her?

  • RandomDurf

    Actually it is'nt useless "talent" it shows how fast her brain can think.
    I would not be suprised if older age she could be one well known professors.

  • JohnnyB71

    Sandwich 🙂

  • Kyla Robert

  • isaac chacon

    this is my rebuttal to her madness… my video

  • Jonny Cunnilingus

    Bet she cant say Palindrome backwards

  • derp

    skrillex n doucherz. I know exactly where they are in the video. funni.

  • jobin

    You guys are idiots, she's a little dyslexic.

  • WEEN

    i would

  • Action jackson

    Si ehs lagel?

  • freddy boy

    You haters have no idea how gifted this child is. You go, girl.

  • wanglong

  • AndyCapp

    So if we play this backwards, she should sound normal and the others sound like her!!

  • Slinko

    watch in reverse –

  • Anonymous

    Words aren’t going to sounds the same as they do pronounced correctly just by reversing the video. If you listen closely, though, you can tell what she’s saying.

  • Fitdude

    Say ramrod bitch!

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