• Chico

    I hope your parents take you home cause your only 5!!! Cute though.

  • Chad

    This is why the Chive is the best site in the world………made my day.

  • DoctorWhy

    Found the original video post on YouTube if your looking to give credit to the father-daughter team that put this adorable video together:

  • Sara

    her voice is way better than some bands i've heard.
    for sure.

  • Jammy

    Brotha please, I call bullshit…That was horrible! I hate to crush the dream but it is what it is. Also next time get her out of the house dress and do something with the hair.

    Upside is she is young and with some vocal coaching she can get through the pitch issues

    • Carly

      Jayme says…. It wasnt horrible it was great. U know nothing apparently. Singing has nothing to do bout how u look. That little girl has talent.
      I wish her best of luck

  • PhayzR

    This was recorded just before her tragic cocaine overdose. The music industry is no place for children!

  • bah bah

    Kids should not sing pop "country" they make it even worse than it is already. My heart has not melted. The girl that once sang "somewhere over the rainbow"? Now THAT is a girl that melted my heart.

  • Ty Boy

    i want one!!

  • the

    Too Old!

  • Old Timer
    • Country Blows

      Agreed! Let's open up this pit!

  • Storm1017

    AWWWWW!!! I want to take her home!

  • Bob

    Finally, a talented kid instead of the freakish beauty pageant freaks American's seem to love.

  • Foxe012

    I really like this song, I keep hitting repeat. She did an awesome job. Amazing!!!

  • Overlord

    Two thumbs up

  • shadygoat

    Too cute haha

  • bob

    i hope the music industry doesn't ruin such a great talent

  • titletownie

    …And she's not even trying! So cute and talented.

  • shit kid

    this kid is shit

    • shut up

      You're a whore. Get off the chive, no one likes you.

  • Jow

    Judging by the lyrics, I'm guessing she lives in an orphanage…

  • JBird

    This is what I'm talking about ….all the crappy no talents …..JLo, Brittany (horrible) Rhianna…the list goes on and on…. KILL AUTO TUNE ! Nice to see some real talent!

  • Klmlm

    Of course she doesn't understand the meaning behind the song, she's five!

    Yay for precious little girls in Sunflower Dresses.

  • freddy boy

    Her mom and dad should be roundly praised for a job well done. Way to go, folks!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch videos more than once but I watched this one twice. I had my seven year old daughter watch it with me the second time. Nice to hear singing without posturing for once. Great job to all involved in making this.

  • Anonymous

    this is amazing. Seriously beautiful. If she can sing that well at 5 I can’t even imagine what she will sound like at fifteen

  • Tangles_112

    Pretty amazing vocal control for a 5yo! Well done little miss 🙂 You have certainly made many thousands of people smile today, and possibly millions more around the world on youtube.

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