Artega GT (24 Pictures)

  • Really Seriously

    I may be alone in this, but what happened to the design teams for these super cars, almost every one of them has styling from other, more predominant brands, slapped in with some flowing body panels. Kind seems like the super cars are the new models, Gotta look like they're a 10, but underneath it's smoke and mirrors.

    • tugbote

      I see Cayman, Boxster, Elise. You're not alone, either.

    • texjosh

      I see the new Alfa sports car (the name escapes me). Honestly nothing about this car excites me. I'd rather have the Toyobura FT86.

      • Dylan

        Alfa Romeo 4C. I see it big time too

      • tugbote

        Good call spotting the Alfa.

  • etcrr

    looks like it ought to be a fun car to drive

  • Huam

    Holy Hell! I wish I could have been there with you! And don’t feel bad man, we all deserve to get tehsard every now and again. Aspirin, water, sleep, in that order and we’ll see you monday buddy. Epic.

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