Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • dewd

    @stuf, shut the eff up! Ur annoying! People like you make it hard to “keep calm”. Now gtfo!

  • babyface

    #30 hey beautiful 🙂

  • stuf

    Dear Chivers,
    I admit, I'm a little spastic on the walls, but I do it just to get people riled up, start conversations, and start thinking about the issues.

    In response to some people who say, why not go after the KKK? In my opinion, the KKK and those hate organizations aren't legitimized by the majority of society, so it is not worth it to me to criticize those organizations. Through their direct hatred, they have ostracized themselves.

    However, sites like the Chive, pent house, and most modern media is institutionally racist. While they may not have a direct agenda pe se, they only seem to enjoy posting pictures of cartoonized plastic white girls, and rarely will put minori ties. When they do, it is usually some sort of pandering post called, "black is beautiful." Putting that post after MLK day was an insult. While I appreciate the sentiment, the idea is to integrate mino rities into each post, not just have one gallery a month, pat yourself on the back, and continue putting pictures of porn stars. The Chive perpetuates the idea that white women are hotter and more than equal compared to other mi norities. That is all. I admit, the chive is not racist per se, but they are part of the problem when it comes to institutionalized racism.

    Furthermore, they isolate mi norities and make fun of stereotypes, so they are clearly ignorant (mac the intern). Just look at the sites making fun of asins (it's been a rong time since we poked fun of as ians)

    To people who say, isn't BET racist? Why can't I have a WET? I understand the idea that BET or JET is racist. But then, you'd have to say TITLE IX, affirmative action are as well. The point is, we live in a world where the media is represented by a white majority. People say, well why can't we have a WET? Well, you do. It's called CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NBC. Most of the programming is historically catered towards white people. So yes, BET features predominately African American individuals, but so what? That's why blacks are called a mino rity, they have lesser than equal representation.

    Email me at chive is racist@ gm ail.com.

    GO to facebook and report pictures/blogs as sexually explicit.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up. No one cares. Go post on a Oprah/Dr Phil feed.

    • mittens

      TL; DR. Save the planet, kill yourself.

      • Zephi

        Whatever man, any cause you claim to represent you do no justice when you behave like a child with it's first net connection. Try approaching things from a calm and rational angle, rather then screamy caps and stupid spam. You aren't going to "rile anyone up" and onto your side, no one cares how butthurt you are over this, they only care that you won't shut the fuck up.

        • stuf

          why don't you show pictures of mino rities in non-stereotypical settings? Show the accomplishments, or quotes of great mi nority thinkers.

          CHIVE RACiST.

          my anti-chive website and petition will be on-line soon. The petition and various snapshots of user comments and chive posts have been utilized in the anti-website and are also being sent to media outlets. I've also hired an advocacy group to help me in this fight. CHIVE YOU WILL LISTEN FOR YOUR DESTRUCTION OF RACE IN AMERICA.

    • The Man

      White people are the minority in the world.

      We are the majority here. Hence more white people on tv. Just like more Japanese people in Japan. Get over it.

      White people are allowed to have a culture, just like anywhere else. And we can also fight to have our culture protected, as do every other in the world.

      BET is the only network that caters to one race on TV here. Your double standards on why BET is not racist but the rest of the networks are, make it glaringly obvious you yourself are really the prejudiced one.

      You should move to Japan, and start a organization to get more white people on Japanese TV.
      Don't just fight for black people, that's racist.

      But then again, Obviously you are.

  • etcrr

    #6 Holy shit Jackson's Son actually has some class after all

  • ChelseaRules

    #25 I kind of love this.

    • jode72

      "Faking it" is WEAPONS-GRADE POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. With great power comes great responsibility, Chivettes…

  • jimbozo

    #42 Why is she drinking lemonade?!?!

  • Brian

    #41 – Semper Fi Marines. Stay safe and Chive On!

  • Kevin

    #42 I remember my first beer…..

  • Jason

    #31 We of the Neanderthal Clan concur

  • BezzATX

    "The Facebook" went out after Justin Timberlake told Jesse Eisenberg to lose the "The". Fortunately "chive" picked up the "the" to make almost everything you just said irrelevant. Not a single fuck is given!

  • freddy boy

    #31. Please tell me that's not a woman.

  • Ricco

    Let's be realistic here, if he pulled the bitch over in the first place is because she broke the law and deserved a ticket. The moment that he did not give it to her means he liked her, and the fact that she bragged about it suggesting it was because of her chive shirt proves she can prostitute herself and play stupid. You're a whore.

    • Ricco

      That was for #49

  • Pants

    #7 #36 There really is a god.

  • pataratt

    #8 Looks like you are really sucking it in…Bwaaahahaha!

  • Couvs

    #20 totally pwned #19! 😉 KCCO!

  • wanglong

  • patratt

    #49 Damn! I really wanted to see the pig get the girl. She just had to rub it in and show more. You'll get a better chivette copper!

  • naluukti

    #36 Fus ro Damn girl!

  • Ben

    The Chive hating on Justin Bieber is pretty unnecessary. He is a kid making kid music. Why should that be any of our concern? All the hate for him comes off as jealousy, which gets weird when its coming for adult men, as opposed to teenage boys.

  • http://facebook.com/KarmaSWAG rbh

    #31 Planet of the Apes is happening


    Instead of bothering us here at the Chive get out there and get some of the girls you'd like to see to submit pics. Beggars can't be choosers, mate.

  • Jdazz

    #31 …Lawyering, so easy a…

  • ash

    #12 I gotta mastur… bate. ahem ball.

  • doughy

    The fact you make distinctions between people’s colour and culture makes you the bigot.. Twatwaffle

    Hey twatwaffle, why are you making such a fuss if we’re all the same? Eh fucktard? Nobody gets off being made fun of, everyone is equal, but apparently you want to make distinctions on race and colour. You racist son of a beeyotch. What are you? Call me a racist as I don’t give a rats ass, I hate all equally! I ordered Chinese food on my Japanese cell phone after I saw a commercial on my colour tv that was in black and white on the Mexican channel. That was some good cat.

  • Bananaphoner

    #2 FIND HER!!!!

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