Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Jason

    #31 he is a russian boxer. Big but slow and no talent

  • Zephi

    Oh just shut up. If you don't like it here go somewhere else. You and all 4 bajillion of your imaginary friends. Seriously, no one is standing behind you with a gun to your head forcing you to browse this sight.
    And if I am wrong and someone is doing exactly that, Please good sir pull the trigger!

    • Zephi

      *site, bah. Edit button still needed.

  • spicticus

    I think you're just looking for an excuse to be offended. This isn't an EEO problem, it's all a matter of taste. Maybe you should stop looking for a lawsuit and find another website (and it's easier to type properly if you use both hands on the keyboard).

  • Zinzat

    #9 Fingle's Cave, Staffa in Scotland

  • CaliBoyUSMC

    #42 underage drinking much?? They all look 15 and thought it was so cool the had to document it.

  • Buffalo Just Sayin

    #34 Oh, Canada.

  • Alan

    Technoprogressism in Montréal… #48

  • po-boi

    #23 has no nipples

  • left out

    #5 Amen

  • Karl


    I hate you ALL right NOW!

  • Jawbone

    #2 Calling a plastic surgeon, I hope.

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    #6 his facial expression is awesome hahal.

  • Jawbone

    #20 Be an online whore! That'll show him!

  • http://thingden.com/daily-afternoon-randomness/ Daily Afternoon Randomness - Thingden » Thingden

    […] The famous DAR, via theChive. […]

  • NoISeeWhatHeSaw

    At first I was like #49, but then I was like #50

  • Adam

    #8….Hell yeah buddy! Good job!

  • spock

    if she poses like this in a pic with her friends and open cans of beer…she to young for you bro

  • Lisa

    #45 dude, glad you're ok, but there were so many stupid decisions involved in that story. next time you fall out of a fucking tree, go to the hospital…

  • sudz

    #50 …. Call me pls.

  • Raliegh

    #45 Challenge accepted!!!

    #46 where do you get backwards KCCO shirts???…lol.. jk

    • Raliegh

      #49, and #50.. damn phone

  • abc

    A – F*king – men at #13

    just broke up with that girl that made sure i'll never be as open in a relationship as i was before

  • http://twitter.com/narog84 @narog84

    #31 you dont fool me shaved yeti

  • WolfmanJack

    #6 I wouldn’t shake his hand either!
    #23 hurray boobs!!
    #36 Jessica Nigri – she is smokin hot and she has a FB fan page with more pics
    #42 duck, duck, duck, duck…goose!
    #49 haha! She called you a boy. Sorry Ryan, good luck on your search for a chivette.

  • manbearpig

    You know #49-50 its heart warming knowing there is hope for awesome women like her amen! KCCO

  • Trainer

    #23 my god what a nice chest she has

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