Daily Afternoon Randomness (50 Photos)

  • Underbaker

    #42 Duck hunting season. Fire!

  • lutjiano


  • Lefty8

    #21 Well you're not a man, so really your vote doesn't count, since it isn't made for you. Thanks for trying, pretty girl.

    • aciekay

      i actually like the stuff. editor added that comment. haha.

      • mittens


      • Lefty8

        In that case, as a 10 drinker, we're glad to have you. Also, Go Cowboys! 🙂

    • Derpin

      I'm a man and it tastes like shite.

  • The WeederOuter

    Manhood….you're doing it wrong.


  • matt

    #21 I am totally, utterly, and completely head over heels in love!!!

  • The WeederOuter

    Manhood…You're doing it wrong.

  • Central-Scrutinizer

    #20 Good Lord Almighty…now rollover

  • SPZander

    #12 bottom pic…wooooow!

  • Kyle429

    Early DAR is early.

    #2 "Ring ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!" Dammit now that song is stuck in my head.

    #41 Hell yeah! Semper fi, Marines. GET SOME!

  • matt

    #36 Skyrim. . . you are doing it right

  • The Captain

    To Lady Badger #20

    No words can describe how much I wish I could have a chance!

    The Captain

  • justin

    #1 I'm hoping thats her suit she lost??

  • Lisa

    #21 That commercial always bothered me too & she's pretty

  • Gunner

    #12. nice ass and very pretty

  • derp

    #21 What about anal?

    • Derpin

      You take that shite anyway you can bro.

  • Jon

    #8 bottom pic looks weird

  • Simon

    Thank you! I worked a custodial position when I was in school and it made me aware of what fucking slobs a lot of people are when they're away from home!
    I'd like to shoot an arrow into her knee! And by arrow, I mean my penis! And by knee, I mean her vagina!

    • Shank

      First funny arrow in the knee joke in weeks!

  • derp

    #23 DAMN!!!!! Look at that big bottle of Grey Goose!!!!

  • Anonymous

    #10 is that a jerussalemtulipatunis? Oh what’s that jack you don’t know shot about flowers lol

  • Project Badass

    #20 FTW. Iowa girls are the best

  • Sancho

    #46 they are leaving out the lighters in the 80’s-WTF?

  • D.Bag

    There's huge and there's HUGE. Good job, bro.


  • justin

    #23 those are some big ass….floor tiles.

  • Halo

    #46 what pisses me off more is how people get mad because my hand is up like the 90s, and cover their camera. F off I'm at a concert to rock out not take pictures and video. #13 made me tear, too. KCCO

  • aciekay

    #21 john, you glorious bastard. i like diet dr. pepper 10.

    but, i forgive you because you DAR'd me. KCCO!

    • I heart chivettes

      Damn you are jaw dropping hottttttt!

      • aciekay

        haha! thanks, "i heart chivettes." (:

        • justsaying

          I would love to see some more product reviews.

          • aciekay

            that can probably be arranged.

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