Dart GTS tribute has 210hp…the old Dart would throw-up (38 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    I actually owned a 75' Dodge Dart Sport with a 318cu was a pretty quick car, I would not even consider this new one

    • Rick

      it hurts to see #2 vs #35

      • etcrr

        I was a Diehard Plymouth, Dodge Fan till 76' Then they started putting out crap

  • Guest

    Anything to bring the neon back.

  • gdm426

    actually the new Dart's a Fiat in Dart's clothing

  • billy

    none of al bundy’s dart?

    • Rick

      holly sh*t, I didn't think about it…and I grew up on Married with Childres

  • RY!

    whats it matter…they both look like hell and i work at a dodge dealership!

  • Dorkfish

    I think #36 is shopped

  • Final

    fuck the new dodge/fiat company. They are ruining every classic car they re make. >.<

  • texjosh

    Guys, really?! Don't fantasize about what some people tuned Darts into. The bottom line is that 90% of old Darts were the econo-boxes of their day too. They were Dodge's attempt to undercut the pony cars and it failed horribly.

  • Justin

    Everytime I look at those new Darts, all I see is a redesigned Neon.

  • 2sexxycute

    #29 The 1961 Dodge was so poorly received by the public that dealers actually sent them back to the factory.

  • tapsnapornap

    Mopar should learn how to count before they do these retro-throwback cars…as in count doors. 4 door Charger only, 4 door Dart only?? Challenger is cool but shouldn't the 'Cuda have been the big remake??

  • etcrr

    Dart the way it was, was a cool lookin car and it was fast now it isn't anything to talk about

  • Larry Anderson

    I Own a 71 dart swinger . LOve it!! Hands down !!!!!
    But for the new dart YES I would buy one !!!
    Open your eyes to what it is not wear it came from!!!
    Hell I am 55 years old . So I was around when the old dart was in it glory days

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