• Der_Joe

    commercial on every single video?!

  • CDT59

    what's with these damn ads. come on chive!

    • Anon

      they gotta make money somehow….

      • Tony Romo

        and they sure don't print enough t-shirts to make money that way

  • Ouboet

    I hate how these girls have bigger balls than I do 😦

  • cerebro

    See how much freedom is allow in china? The USA is much more communistic(government tells you what you"re allowed to do) than China.

    • Dan

      Singapore is not in China

    • This guy's an idiot

      You're an idiot

    • Anonymous

      In China if the government don’t want you to be able to see it on the internet, they filter it so you can’t!

  • Mike

    Jeb just decides to be BA and do a gainer..nbd.

  • Matt

    That is a very ugly building.

  • matthew

    I've stayed in that hotel before. The skypark is awesome, especially at night. maybe if i could get my hands on a chive shirt, i'd go there again and represent! *hint hint*

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