Everyone needs a little fire under their ass sometimes (25 photos)

Be Thankful for Today

  • Please

    Hey jeff 1 st army is a big red 1 try a infantry unit out of Washington like 2nd id but good thing u are observant

  • bless1

    #29- NOICE!

  • Jack Burton

    #28 you can’t tighten weight so how the hell do you “loose” it?

  • curtm123

    Anybody else notice that there are 5 ninja turtles in that gif.

    • P90

      The series (Which was crap) had a female mystic turtle called Venus.

    • MonkeyMadness

      I only see 4, but there is another set of legs behind Raphael but I do not see any turtleness.

      • curtm123

        I ended up using the youtube and watched part of the episode and there was a fifth turtle, which i then googled and found out that it was a female turtle called Venus de Milo, if you look at the gif the one in the back is her, she is wearing a teal colored headband.

  • Danielle

    Thank you so much for that last video. I needed that! 🙂

    • Mattboy

      Me too!

  • gruffguano

    #1 You guys know that that is the Matterhorn right ? Or Cervino … ok whatever.

  • zachytobaccy


    The "N"s are going in the wrong one…

  • Murph

    #21 Interesting use of North Korea's Arirang games for inspiration. I guess…thank god you're not there?

  • Steemer

    #1: The Doesn’t Matterhorn.

    • gruffguano

      Somehow I saw that coming. 🙂

  • TitoRigatoni

    My wife just died of cancer, and #30 is fucking bullshit of the highest order.

    • J_Dub

      … damn dude, sincere sympathy. I have a very good friend who is unfortunately losing that fight as well and it's a terrible thing to experience. I'm sorry for you and your wife. I know that means nothing to you but I still felt like I should say it.
      Now I feel like I need about a dozen drinks….

  • Connormilne

    Thanks for that little nugget of awesomeness Chive

  • ChicO85T

    #4 where is this…looks awesome
    #26 thats deep

  • randomjoethoughts

    #19 should say "you will succeed because while you are working, most people are Chiving"

  • wile_coyote7

    #6 1st Cav Div, First Team!!

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #3 i love this post this is exactly what i needed today

  • Rosie

    #6 Is the sweetest thing I ever saw ❤

  • Jammy

    Be thankful for today.

    Thanks Chive.

  • Matt

    #26 …One does not simply just 'get away' from Ted Bundy.

  • durr

    dat vidya

  • Aris

    # 30

    CHIVE ON FROM GREECE! We may be going thru hell but we've eaten much worse s**t than that thruout our history and survived.

  • Chris

    Thank you so much for this. I've been getting bogged down with work and school feeling overwhelmed at the rest of life in front of me. I feel much better and am proceeding to pick myself up. To be thankful for every day is something that had been lost recently, but not anymore.

  • dominantone

    #29 why do I not remember this?

  • dcolbert

    #26 Too late, moved on, found something better.

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    #11 A simpler time before multi-tasking came along…

  • P90

    #5 #20 See, gingers do have souls.

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