Hot women in one pieces for your FEEDBACK (25 HQ Photos)

  • goodLord

    #4 #9 #10 #15 #39 Chiver here, not a military guy but I hope they get some shirts. brigade keep up the hot women galleries

    • misanthropetb

      #4 is a model named Nelleke Verkaart. Nothing nekkid, but still worth a look. She's gorgeous.

  • etcrr

    #2 #9 good job testing my eyes #15 #27 very hot, very sexy

    • Jim

      I thought you guys stopped making tees – at least the basic "stay calm and chive on" shirt. 😉
      Sorry couldn't resist.

  • Scotsman

    This is just a fantastic post through and through! Sadly, I'm not in the military, so I can't provide any feedback. Regardless, well done Rick!

    • Rick

      thanks man

      • Yes

        It's like subliminal messaging…i see hot women but my eyes also see words and apparently read them.

  • Redynz

    In the Air Force, the shirt would have to be "Sand" colored for wear with the "Airman Battle Uniform". Basically, it would look like this:, then you could put the KCCO logo on the center in any color really since the ABU top would cover it up. A lot of t-shirt companies go with a subdued logo, basically a "sand" colored logo on the "sand" shirt.

    If you want more details on the rules of what a shirt should look like for the USAF, look up AFI 36-2903. (

    As for the patch, I'd suggest making a military style challenge coin instead. KCCO on the front, and BFM on the back?

    • Rick

      can't thank you enough for the feedback, "Sand/tan" is the color I was planning on but I wanted to get feedback before having Patrick order a bunch of shirts that don't work…again, thank you

      • Franklin1138

        It's like this for the Army as well…tan/light brown undershirts have been the standard for 20+ years.

      • athankfulcivilian

        I realize you fellows are attempting to fund the site with the shirts as well as provide a nice product for the community, but I feel that all military personnel should be able to get these shirts at a discounted price…just my two Lincolns…

    • MATT

      olive drab for marines same specs as the others. and the challenge coins are an awesome idea

    • Bliss

      For patches, if you made them for say the Air side of Navy. Rescue Swimmer, Pilots, etc.. Any sort of KCCO logo that you guys coule come up with would be awesome. Usually we put circle patches on our flight suits that are about 4×4 or 5×5 inces. Also custom shaped ones are always popular to wear as well…

      Here's an example and a decent site to browse for ideas..

      Also shirts for the navy side could be tan/black/green/dark navy blue. going with the KCCO logo in the middle because all you see is the top of the shirt in uniforms.

    • Inifekt

      "5.1.3. T-Shirt – Desert Sand colored (Tan). A desert sand t-shirt will be worn under the ABU coat and tucked into the trousers. The t-shirt may be replaced by a desert sand turtleneck. The t-shirt may be worn untucked while wearing the maternity ABU, but must be tucked in for all others. Installation commanders may prescribe unit designation and cloth or silk screen emblem, to be worn on left side of chest not to exceed 5 inches in diameter. Commercial logos WILL NOT be visible. T-shirt will not have pockets."

    • Vicious3027

      As far as patches go, 1X2" morale patches that say "KCCO" on it would be awesome in the traditional chive green. That would be awesome! Here is a reference:

      The shirts and challenge coins are a great idea as well!

    • Gilleke

      For african deployment by our (belgium) army the shirt should be " nato green"
      Just make sure only the v neck shape is off limits for the logo ( stays visible)
      Besides that anything is possible ( just don't make it too flashy, authorities don't like that)

      Thaks for thinking off us and keeping us sane in these deployments

  • Neo

    beautiful and sexy….

  • Wonder_Boy

    Rick… as a US Marine, our color is of the "olive green" nature (like that of what you would see on your typical High Explosive ordinance; i.e. the hand grenade. With that said, and with keeping in the customary unit shirts Marines like myself LOVE to wear, there is typically a small design over the left breast ("KCCO" for example), and the back of the shirt can be of any design or size.

    According to the Marine Corps regulations…

    “Standard undershirts will have quarter length sleeves and have an elliptical (crew-neck) collar. The green undershirt will be made either of 100% cotton or certified synthetic undershirt.”

    “Marines may wear optional olive green shirts with logos as long as the graphics are not visible when the utility coat is worn.”

    Thanks for expressing the interest in coming up with t-shirts. I know plenty of Marines that will be more than happy to GET SOME!

    KCCO & Semper Fi

    • etcrr

      Thank you for your service Chive On!

    • joey

      Rick beat me to it, but as a U.S. Marine also i would love to have an olive Drab KCCO shirt. I can send you some pictures of what a typical Marine (airwing) patch or design might look like.

      KCCO & Semper Fi

      • joey

        oops, meant wonder boy beat me to it. sorry jarhead.

    • @trustnoone73

      As a Canadian Olive green and coyote brown is good. The USMC specs are good. Cotton would match our dress regs and is the easiest for third party.

      I like dry fit but by the USMC specs of certified synthetic i am thinking means at the least non-flammable and non melting. Good idea for deploying.

      Dry fit would be great for PT. Coyote brown or black.

      • cdnop77

        Second what trustnoone73 has said. I know myself and plenty of others here would be wearing the Olive Drab if that was an option.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the feedback, I just want to make sure I'm on the right page before ordering a bunch of shirts…and thank you for the service

    • antitango

      Semper Fi, all you fellow jarheads. It looks like we can't have one of the KCCO shirts for the Corps… they're not breaking the rules with them! 😉

      • Wonder_Boy

        can or cannot? If you meant cannot, then I really don't see how these shirts would not be allowed in uniform when worn with the blouse/top. Because I for one have worn commercially made, non unit identifying design undershirts infront of senior Marines, and have never got shit about it. I guess it all comes down to the individual unit and it's leaders.

  • Wonder_Boy

    OH…. I almost forgot that I need MOAR of #19

    • whyme1973

      LoveGisele. NSFW, but plenty of her out there…and she is smokin hot.

    • Guest

      I think this is her. Link NSFW

  • DK

    In the Navy, you have 3 choices…. White (boring)… Black (the new thing that can be worn with the blueberry cammies)… and desert brown (for those of us out here in the desert running around). On another note, being a submarine officer, we wear whatever we want on deployment… so pink, red, blue, green… ringer shirts… it just happens and no one cares. Just realize, the chairforce and derp-army wear a lighter thing and the marines have their olive drab stuff… Navy can get by with black or the brown shirt… pure cotten as we don’t need to be ‘NoS high speed army with half camo, half tan, 13,795 pockets on the sleeve, and 1.6 sq ft of velcro for patches’

    • obxsurfer

      Black is a no go with the our Blue Digi's. We'd have to have a navy blue shirt to really get away with it anymore. White is only worn with our dress uniforms and office uniforms as of Jan 2011. Navy Blue with everything else.

      • DK

        yeah, the dark navy blue… haven't worn that uniform for 2 years and only had it for a few months so can't really remember. I see the avaiation guys with their black ones and thought that was what the blueberry ones were. I just want my wash khakis back… *hates the blueberries*

    • RTD

      yeah, navy can get away with anything, such as lack of discipline

      • DK

        lack of discipline…. try winning a cold war without a shot, never firing a torpedo in anger since WWII… 0 nuclear accidents…. I'm going with discipline where it counts. when life under the water for up to 90 days without sunlight, privacy, decent food after 10 days, internet, contact with the world…. I think it's ok to wear cofortable shoes / any shirt you want / grow a beard.

        Just sayin'… I'm sure you it's good to have discipline when shining your boots or polishing your gun too…

    • Sailor

      The vast majority of The Navy will want Blue, for our Digital Camo uniform, NOT Black. So definately go with Blue and the emblem on the front needs to be low enough where it won't show through the blouse…so about an inch or so lower than the green KCCO shirt.

    • Rick

      Thanks for the feedback, I was planning on Navy blue but I just wanted to make sure before ordering a bunch of shirts

      • yakboyslim

        Naval aviation wears black with our flight suits year round, and never wear the blue digis. So black would be needed for naval aviation, and even though I might buy a blue I will likely never wear it.

        So many colors. I'll understand if you can't get everyone, but I hope you get some black shirts for my own selfish reasons.

        If you made a patch, though, you would make all aviation guys happy at once. All services.

    • Timmy T

      Absolutely blue. I would also love a white to wear with the navy service uniforms.

  • Ram

    In the army you get away with a tan t-shirt. There are special garments that mormons wear and the army says those are ok to wear. So that would be a good example of whats ok in the army!


    • Rick

      Thanks for the feedback, I was planning on tan but I want to make sure before ordering the shirts

  • sailor_jerry

    navy blue for everyone on the ships.

  • Machinist

    #1 #39
    Nude model and wife of Peter Hegre, Luba Shumeyko. You're welcome.

    • jr.

      i love that she has big bewbs… and that she is nude in lots of pics… thanks

  • ozyozyozyoioioi

    #31 Nice drop tank

  • vegas shooby doo

    you guy's nailed it here today loving to post haha

  • Wet_tosti

    Transparant!!! they need to be Transparant!!!! for the lady's the man can have sand and olive green…

  • 101st ABN Vet

    Sand color with the ACU's, logo on the left chest and on the back center. Black and Grey color for PT's uniforms and same logo locations on the chest and back. Crew neck collar, and cotton.

  • Seldi84

    #4 #6 #34 Fuck me these women are gorgeous.

    • misanthropetb

      #4 is Nelleke Verkaart. Google and enjoy.

  • MattKL

    #2 That. Ass. And yeah, in the Army we usually rock a tan shirt.

  • chris

    OD green? Awesome idea, however it works out!

  • spicticus

    #15 and #29definitely my favorites but I would be happy with anybody on this post.


    how about coyote brown for the Navy Seabees, and yes we still wear coyote brown just like everyone else once did.

  • Smitty

    Hey Rick, I'm a Navy Pilot [currently deployed so always on the site] and all of Naval Aviation just switched to black shirts under the flight suits, regardless of squadron colors. A black KCCO shirt would work awesome for that. A group of our aircrew also went ahead and had KCCO & crown patches made. They are simple and awesome. I think a Brigade patch with the phrase "Choose Your Weapon" would also be cool. The previously mentioned idea for the coin is another good one; coins are a tradition across the services.

    • Godfather

      Ditto, KCCO patches FTW. Fly NAVY! Also it needs to be cotton.

    • Rick

      thanks for the feedback and service, I had not thought about a "Choose your Weapon", I like it

  • Otter

    Isn't #12 like, um, 12?

    • bull1123

      Actually she's 20…

      • Otter

        Her face looks really young.

    • Dan

      Oh, come on! Now he can't feel superior to everyone else!

  • Gavin

    I can't wait to see the sand KCCO shirt. I'm in the Air Force so I would where that all the time. I hope to see a shirt colored for all branches

  • James

    I'm a one-piece convert.

  • Anonymous

    in the army it would have to be tan

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