How to build your own home theater cheaply (21 Photos)

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  • theblenny

    "Having a contractor build a home theater for you could set you back milions of dollars. "
    Haha….millions!!!! That's a classic.

  • All methed up

    I had a buddy who just made a 2 foot tall rectangle box and set 1 sofa on it against the back wall and another sofa on the floor infront of it and we just watched his big screen alot less work and same results

  • Fred


  • flibble


  • Jammy

    All they need is some moonshine, frogs legs and some fried catfish..

  • BloodScrubber

    Bob Vilia called. He started a show called College WoodMasters. It failed because only the Cheerleaders showed up. 😉

  • Damian

    The biggest cost is the thousands of dollars you have to sink into a decent HD projector. Not only that, the replacement bulbs aren't exactly cheap (talking about hundreds of dollars) and the run time on the bulb isn't that great either. Sensibly you would probably spend less money getting a 70" flat screen instead of the projector. You could even get 3D, and I think the color sharpness of an LED TV is superb compared to any projector. To each his own, at least it's a great way to get laid and a great conversation piece. I'm sure though it makes porn kind of awkward.

    • Ger

      A 70" flat screen is puny compared to a 10-to-12 foot diagonal projection image, although you better get something starting at 3000 lumens if you want a decent 3D image at that size.

  • meaty

    I got a couple of old high school projectors not high quality but still looks good. Wait for night and play it in the top of my pine trees for all my neighbors to watch with me. We averaged 17 people last weekend watching iron man 2 and fast five from my yard and some 20 people at the houses next to mine.

    • Craigery

      Cool story. You must be the coolest dood in the 'hood.

  • moneyshot

    New home theater room $1,250.00
    Blow job in the back row… priceless

  • Usman

    pretty cool making it urself. gg

  • rps

    Yes, that guy is definitely getting a blowie in #20

  • Snail

    No just No

  • drewski

    Pretty sweet guys! My buddies and I have the projector screen set up as well and we love it. Never thought to do this shit though! Good work

  • cmfp

    1- Those guys will never get back their security deposit
    2 – One of the most important things of a home theater is sound and these guys have crappy speakers and ZERO surround sound. FAIL on every level.

  • joe

    Uh, they used treated lumber for the stairs. thats a big no no indoors, real smart.

  • Anonymous

    mother of god

  • Chris Moltisanti

    This would make me go out of my way to watch movies.

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  • patratt

    not a one of them has a girlfriend. Guaranteed!!!

  • MattKL

    Pretty cool idea guys!

  • Anonymous

    Hi haters…

  • Sean

    #17 Zombies get bored at movies.

  • John

    'Merican inginuity at its best….um hm…weza builta theater machine.

  • Steve

    Just threw cheaply out the window by using a $400 sander

  • Anonymous

    Why is the green girl in #7 naked?

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