I hate my job (30 Photos)

Do you hate your job? Send your photos to mactheintern [at] gmail [dot] com.

  • War war

    #26 so fake. An OCD would never write before the red lines…

  • 6 crack rock minimum

    #29 might want to think about picking up some depends before work next time

  • reaperMEDIC

    #2 challenge accepted

  • tommytwotime

    #3 HAHAHAHA!!!! and #25 is my hero

  • howie

    Hey Chive, how about an "I love my job" post?
    There has to be someone out there doing cool stuff for money.
    It'll give us chivers a chance to examine some career options.

  • Anonymous

    I feel 8’s pain. Hazardous Waste disposal on this end…

  • wisemx

    Hasn't "Hate my job" kinda lost it's place in the current World?

  • Rick

    #9 I Fcking Love COCAINE!!!!!

  • Kyle429

    What you did there, I see it.

  • Quisp

    #3 Hey, that's Milton's stapler – give it back! And make sure the TPS report has the new coversheet

  • OpMongoose

    #24 blood and DNA? WTF ?!?

    • ChelseaRules

      That'd be my job, fella!

  • manilovefilmsdylan

    #20 I so want to work with whoever put that there. Awesome.

  • yan

    #23 sucks to be you!

  • Ricky

    #9 Free Cocaine!!! This must have happened at the Sheen's estate.

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #19 been there

  • wanglong
  • http://twitter.com/mkingscott @mkingscott

    #3 🙂

  • Josh

    #6…That’s what trainmasters are for!

  • Simon


  • MattKL

    #17 Yeah, but they hover three feet above the bowl.

  • Aleman85

    #23 thats a waste of Ska Brewing ESB. Id like to know who built that pallet. Glad I didnt get a call about that.

    • Seangoloid

      Who are you and why would you get a call?

  • lil b

    #28 made me laugh my ass off

  • KingT


    NOOOO!!! Not the Dr. Pepper!!!

    • Seangoloid

      It's beer ya ruhtard.

  • Jake

    #36 30 min

  • donjuanfatchicks


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