The ‘Tough Guy Challenge’ of 2012 (23 Photos)

Photos via Denverpost


  • tough mudder

    Two words… Tough Mudder

    • boatdrinks4u2

      one word – GORUCK

  • Poostaineddogcostume

    I live here, takes place in Telford, done the course, fookin brilliant!

  • gem

    Hmmm….. Challenge accepted!

  • wanglong

  • YunChoe

    #22 best describes herpes

  • greg

    These events are all the damned same. Tough mudder, warrior dash, spartan race, death race. Everybody and their grandma does them nowadays, and a good 90% of people finish. If that many people can do it, it's not that tough. I'm doing the GoRuck challenge later this year. Hopefully that is a little tougher.

    • matt

      Warrior Dash is nothing compared to the others. My cousin did the Tough Mudder then did the Warrior Dash and said it was just running basically and was nothing compared to the Tough Mudder.

  • gaz

    people say that dosnt look tough but remember its like -3 outside when this id done in England and the water is much colder. and its over 8 miles!

    • ysoserious

      8 miles is a joke, the water can't be colder than -3 (Celsius) because then it would be ICE and even though its -3, once you get going coldness is no issue because the physical exertion keeps your body warm. next time you're really cold do some jumping jacks. I bet you won't feel cold after doing them for a minute, that is, if your ass isn't too fat to do it.

  • Mern Haggard

    Think ill just stay here and drink!

  • boatdrinks4u2

    Death Race is the real deal – Same with GORUCK. If you do both you are a Bad Mother Fucker.

  • greg

    Sorry, I listed Death Race by mistake. I was getting that confused with something else. Death Race is definitely the real deal. I am hoping GoRuck is going to be good too. I didn't mean to sound like a prick. I just wish some of these were a little tougher considering every single one claims to be the toughest race on the planet.

  • Guy's Hospital Rugby

    several of my rugby team mates did this and one of them came 4th on a bad ankle (he came 3rd last year). The team captain did it in just a thong! They said that at the end wrap you in those foil blankets and give you a hug and all they wanted to do was cry!

  • sprung


    Looks like Nick Oliveri.

  • MonkeyMadness

    #22 Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack jumped over the fire and burnt his dick.

  • bronaghsmyth

    we did last year's and so for context that water was -10°C and there's a lot of it

  • Fortalyst

    "Tough Guy" challenge? 8 miles? Google "Tough Mudder" – that's more than 12 miles and features an gauntlet of 10,000 volt electric shocks!


    was expecting about 30 posts on finding #4…disappointed.

  • Previous Mudder

    Tough Mudder is where its at!

  • Karen

    Whoa. not sure the USA could pull off something like # 16

  • KayMan

    #22 and to that I "say fuck it I'm out"

  • mcgruff

    wussies, try the tough mudder in america it's all that , 11 miles and involves electric shock oh and goes up and down a mountain

  • MattKL

    #13 So THIS is what Sting does in his off time from the squared circle!

  • Lisa

    #9 that would be me as soon as i walked outside that morning and realized how cold it was. hell no.

  • jojoleb

    who won ?who won ?

  • Tom

    OMG that looks like fun!!! I've been training to run a half marathon, SCREW THAT, I'd rather do that!!!

  • Chris

    I did it, it was tough the cold was savage and yes it involves electricity… I can confirm water and electricity do not mix I was knocked unconcious and face planted the ground.… even forbes say Tough Guy is tougher!!!

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