These people exist (28 photos)

  • Jeff


  • Chuck

    Is 13 tila tequila?

  • Anonymous

    #7 I know that Starbucks. And I think I know that douchbag. I worked with him. He was an idiot!!!

  • Prangsta


  • ballend82

    What is the big obsession with with the chive being racist/sexist or anything else negative…the entire site is based off of what users send in and the premise that we all should just KEEP CALM, AND CHIVE ON. Chillax on the negativity, if you dont like the site or think it is racist or sexist or anything else then dont view it. Honestly, you wouldn’t go to a pornographic site and view the things you thought were acceptable and then verbally attack the site for being sexist or racist for one reason or another. The moral of this little rant is this: either you like the sites content or you dont. I dont find every post to be particularly entertaining but I just go to the next. I guess I just know how to keep calm…and chive on.

    • http://what Craven Morehead

      Very simple explanation, because Liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder. These asswholes are truly disturbed, delusional and just plain immatue. They live in a fantasy world of idealism. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if……

  • stuf

    Bix nood

  • Shant1k

    #26 next thing you know, all the kids will be wearing big white fur boots

  • Anonymous

    13 scares me

  • craig

    Death to lil wayne

  • spartus

    #13 second life meets real life

  • Smiley-Dan

    You know number 6 is John Lennon right?

  • Anonymous

    #14 is a guy named Cotton Candy on the strip in vegas

  • dave

    #1 Why is he wearing snowboarding boots? Hhaha

  • Weird people - Thingden » Thingden

    […] via theChive […]

  • John

    That's it, I'm moving to Canada. Especially after #28.


    #1 the MUDSHARK WHORE on the left ?? No big shocker there !!


    #1: where is the justice lord? where?
    #6: why is the waiter holding her spoon?


    #24: WHALE – verine

  • Anonymous

    #4: All of these guys got ripped off.

  • never first

    #25 Timmmmy!

  • CrunchyPockets

    Lil Wayne is the biggest waste of our air. We NEED to rid the earth of this man and his followers!

  • Anonymous

    26# I’m not going to say it…but I’m thinking it

  • bunedoggle

    #25 This guys kicks all kinds of ass!

  • Anonymous

    #13 WTF is wrong with their face

  • Zero00430

    Its Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld!!!

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