Thigh-highs, the crown jewel of the sock family (39 Photos)

  • MikeBedlam

    #6 Whoa!!
    #14 Perfection.
    #15 Great gap.

    • Don't Be a Douche


    • poo pi

      anal cavities

    • Yea Yea

      #6 #14 are both Dylan. She is Super Hot.

    • mainstream fag

      haha read my mind with these 3

  • sam

    MOAR MOAR MOAR!!!!!!

  • Meh

    Awesomely spectacular!

  • CP7

    #14 and #15.. dear lord… pig tails.. plus school girl outfit with knee high socks… im done for…

    • Eric

      Hello, I'm Chris Hansen. We need to talk.

    • GuamBomb

      your imagination is spectacular…i didn't see pigtails until i imagined it and added to my 1/4 wood.

  • KeepCalm

    #14 "The arch" Mans consent form!

    • Bubba

      …or urgent invitation!

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    I feel warmer already.

    • Armed's Boyfriend

      See, baby? I told you that dutch-oven works wonders for the chillies!

  • John the Baptist

    Quality post Chive…

    • Jason B

      Not exactly as hot as garters and stockings….but nice enough.

  • Dazilla

    I'll have #4 and #39 to go please.

    • Rabbit

      special order special order

  • Jeff

    #4, oh how I'd love to have those loving legs wrapped around me, thigh highs & all!

    • Justin

      The line for that ride forms to the left.

  • JamesMFP

    #10….the wind is blowing her over

    • echogeo

      Yeah and she landed at #35.

    • chiveninrhodeisland


  • tbaker67

    #14 pleez dont stop!!

  • dagleja3

    #10 & #35 – So good, they had to post her twice!!

    • Jimbo

      Going with the subtle slut look. Classy!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      yes, twice so as to complete her, because each photo is only 1/2 of her.

  • Dunny_

    Finally! R2Girl gets her wish for Thigh High Tuesday or Thursday #6 #9 #39 all beautiful…

    • R2_Pinky

      Too bad I'm not in here! lol

      I love this post either way! 🙂

      • Don't Be a Douche

        Well, submit some pics then

        • R2_Pinky

          I submit pretty regularly… I guess it's tough to make the cut these days! 🙂

      • Kyle429

        Really? I though for sure #37 was you(and no, not just because of the SW shirt lol). I thought I'd seen that pic on your tumblr somewhere. I guess I was dreaming.

        • R2_Pinky

          I have a shirt similar to that on my tumblr, and quite a few stripey socks like that. Cute pic though! 🙂

      • AtothaB

        I was thinking not having you in a thigh high post violates a law or statute of some kind.

    • Yea Yea

      #6 is Dylan

    • Elcastino

      I figured #37 was Pinky, but I guess not. How can Chive have a thigh high post and not include her?

  • Maynard B.

    #6, #12, #23, #33, #39- Exquisite. I'll take them all.

    • rcjaos

      I'm wishing #33 had a better camera……

  • tm.

    #10 and the winner is….

    • Headshot denied

      fuck that hipster.

  • Anonymous

    Please make this a regular thing. A gorgeous girl in thigh highs is my biggest turn on. Sooooo damn sexy.

  • Bleeding_Gums_Murphy

    #23 Gotta love the Boston chivettes

    • Niiiice

      I thought this was Jennifer Aniston at first, but younger.

  • Guest2012

    #1 : I'm in love

    • Underbaker

      Funny how the intro picture is the only one not wearing thigh-highs, not complaining though, they are all spectacular.

      • Matrim

        Actually, several of them weren't wearing thigh-highs.

        • Underbaker

          OK I missed #36 , but all the others at least go to the top of the knee, which is close enough in my book.

  • clillaxin

    strange how many long socked hotties also had cameras

    • Shak

      …and know how to use the polaroid filter…

    • abcdefg

      Not really

  • Da man

    23 for the win

  • EasternCanuck

    #6 just brightened up my day…

  • TheBigKahuna

    at first, i was like, "no way can #36 be Portal socks"

    then i did some googling

    yup, those are Portal socks! way cool!

    • Guest

      We gotta find the legs that go with those socks….

      • GamerGirl

        Long Fall Boot socks:D sweet!

  • Seldi84

    #6 More of her please.

    • Yea Yea

      There is pleanty MOAR of her on here. Her name is Dylan just search it, or go here.

      • ozyozyozyoioioi

        Judging by the amount of props you are giving to dylan i am assuming that you are a bit of a fan….
        Me too

  • Jacob

    I guess I'm not much of a sock guy.

    • Bubba

      me neither, but DANG…

    • The Chivery

      That, or you probably have no problem getting laid in real life(unlike the rest of us Chivers).

      Chive on!

  • Jim

    #6 All I need.

    • Yea Yea

      Is Dylan search her on here.

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