• myself

    That was awesome. I love how snowmobiles launch off AstroTurf.

    • Luke

      jealous you cant do it??

  • Drewski

    NICE!!!! I seen this live!


      no you didnt

    • MGD

      pics or it didn't happen

    • Grammar

      You 'seen' it?

    • Dale34

      Strange? I never " seen" you in English class.

  • Guest

    Joe, do you want me to run down?

    • Joe


  • Adam

    Joe, want me to run out there? Joe? Joe? Answer me damn it!

    • Poor guy

      It would later be discovered that Joe had been eaten by an Indomitable Snowman, or Snow Sasquatch, for the layman. R.I.P. Joe 1924-2012

  • etcrr

    Super cool

  • Hola

    Happy Black History month Max the intern

    • The Man


  • Machinist

    Awesome!!! But I'm wondering how you train for something like that? It's not like you can do it in small steps and make it incremently harder… you either do it or you don't. Do you sit 100s of hours and sketch out physics parameters on a computer or what?

    • LiquidMuff07

      Congratulations you're an idiot

      • Machinist

        Wow, thanks for that… a legitimate question being ridiculed… you're not a real chiver, you're a bully! Even if you use foam or whatever there's still a huge risk of getting smashed by the sled if you don't get the full spin.

        • LiquidMuff07

          Haha a bully on the internet? Blasphemy!!!!!

    • pacman57

      I think they train like in freestyle motocross , in foam pit.

    • Michael

      First trampoline, then jump in foam pit with bmx and then go on to MX or snowmobile.
      That's the way Travis Pastrana learnt his 720.

  • F stuf

    Foam pits….they jump into giant foam pits and have a crane pull their sleds out so they can practice all they want

    • Machinist

      Thanks for a real answer to a real question!

    • Flip Wilson

      please, do tell, how do you practice YOUR snowmobile front flips?

  • Fickled pigs

    Epic, things just keep getting better

  • David

    Where did all the physics go?

  • Anonymous

    Oh some of you idiots never seize to amaze me. Even in a foam pit I wouldn’t want that thing to land on top of me after half a frontflip.

  • curt

    Makes me want to drink a certain green energy drink for some strange reason…..

  • Wtf

    Since we’re being jackasses, I think you meant “cease” to amaze you.

  • http://thingden.com/first-ever-front-flip-on-a-snowmobile/ First ever front flip on a snowmobile - Thingden » Thingden

    […] via theChive […]

  • dbartlett

    he also had a special ramp to start the rotation

    • Reality

      It looks like a standard ramp in the video. All he had to do was get his body weight out over the nose to start the rotation.

  • BostonChiver

    WOOOOT! Jobe, you want me to run up there?

  • p dangerously

    But can he do a wheelie on a unicycle? – C. Norris

  • Michael Vallance

    You ever make me watch an advertisement before a video again, and we're through.

    • douche

      ad block son

  • Claud

    Wow Team USA Weightlifting can barely get funding to keep the sport part of the Olympic program while people stand out in the cold to see a guy do tricks on a recreational toy. MERICA!

    • AsciiAdam

      Because weightlifting is not a sport. It is something you do to help other sports.

      • McBoogerballs

        Plus, whats more entertaining; watching a man defy death on a motorized contraption or watching a borderline obese man lift something heavy?

    • Dalton

      usa weightlifting is like watching fucking paint dry……

    • DylanSOB

      Just do front flips whilst lifting weights and you will have all the support in the world!

  • Raliegh

    fuck advertisements before every video…

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Gripping stuff.

    No, really. Big wow.

  • Joe

    It almost like he cured cancer, or something…

  • uhhh

    GO PATS!!!

  • Bwmyers18

    So, you want me to run up there? You want me to run down?

  • A-Man


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