• http://twitter.com/C_M_Roper @C_M_Roper

    That was awesome.

  • 1ch3nt31

    That girl has to reveal her self!!!!!!!!!!

  • rachel

    Awesome! I used to work at Sonic, this would have have made my day for sure

  • Anonymous

    Skills…he has them

  • BrodyOz

    Like a sir.

  • brofessional

    get him laid…NOW!

  • MLynn

    Love it!!! Sonic just got some free viral advertising for sure. After seeing this I went and bought me a cherry limeade!!

  • Tim

    People like this make the world a better place…..Its inspirational!! I wish I could sing like that!!

  • barbershop

    the person on the left need some haircut real bad.

  • Skeeko

    This is so set up its retarded.

  • mei5ie

    If he makes a album like this he's gonna be fat as a pig.
    Realy nice video.

  • Kozi

    That was awesome. Girl needs to reveal herself.

  • inpixelswetrust

    Superb, this man is a true hero!

  • coolbeans

    keep it up you will earn a spot on letterman or ellen for sure.

  • L7E5O7


  • word up

    that was shit

  • SamDiggs

    What if a dude was taking his order…..

  • 1ch3nt31

    more of this please!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Google.com Tmas

    Sonic should pay this guy to do a commercial for them

  • Sdog

    also, give props to the ORIGINAL video please, the artist deserves it! (http://youtu.be/_RzBpTSNLG8) http://theinterstatelife.bandcamp.com/

  • Mike2p0

    Please sequel this!

  • David
  • D-car
  • David
  • Josh

    That was awesome…

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