If you like tattoos, get in here (34 Photos)

  • Abraham

    What about “Hot girls with tattoos Wednesday”

    Sounds like a nice weekly gallery for me

    • Nick

      Tattoo tuessay

      • Eastwood

        Tattuesday or Tattoosday?

        • thewiz

          sexy chivettes with tattoos

    • Smash


    • Bogus_Shizzall

      You had me at "Hot Girls"

      Also #27 muffin armpit? are you supposed to lick that? wtf?

    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      I'm in!

  • Dapper_Dave

    #3 and #4 Make the world a better place…..

  • JshWGrdn

    #29 A tattooed, Texan chivette? My prayers have been answered. MOAR, please.

    • James

      I wonder what part of Texas?

  • Dukeofohio


    • Tattoo lover

      I would definitely do nasty stuff on this tattoos…

    • Dreamer

      My one complaint is that with all those tats where they are, she doesn't look good dressed like that. Makes her look like trash.

  • theonlyguy

    #17 to turn around and send more.

  • Calm

    #27 Neat armpit muffin… 3 words I never thought I'd string together.

  • Greg

    Thank you Chive! Nothing hotter than a beautiful woman with tattoos! Except maybe 34 beautiful women with tattoos!

  • Dukeofohio

    oh ya and #12
    chicks with owl tattos are awesome

  • Please

    Please tell me who #11 is give us moar of her

  • Elbie

    #6 amazing tattoo and mole, stunning sideboob!

  • Greg

    #6 best side bewb ever!

  • Justin

    #6 has an amazing tattoo… Oh, and side bewb…

  • copecitizen

    Please please make this a weekly post I just went from6 to midnight from the first to last girl keep you the good work lady’s

  • akuma308

    By far the best gallery yet. Every one is perfect. Im going to have a stroke figuring out what one i want more….. ohh fuck it i want them all…..

  • Oddie Monsta

    Hot girls with tattoos Tuesday

  • Above AVERAGE

    Who's #2??

  • Above AVERAGE

    I mean #3? Anyone know who she is? Not that 2 wasn't nice, but the whole "prepared for entry" position is….fapfapfapfapfap… shit, what was I saying?

    • Anon

      Bridget Blonde

    • chivefoundit

      The photographer is Shurie Jenai…she has a portfolio right here: http://www.shuriejenai.com/?page_id=897
      Girl's name is Bridget Blonde

      • Above AVERAGE

        Thank you!

  • CP7

    #11 #30 #32 I love women with sleeves… too hot…

  • Above AVERAGE

    Ok, answered my own question.

    #3 is Shurie Jenai. NSFW Google search

    • Above AVERAGE

      Awww nevermind, I suck at this.

      *waits for someone that knows what their doing to find this amazing minx's name*

      • Anon

        Bridget Blonde

  • Sir Boobsalsot

    I would do bad, bad things to #11

    #31 is too much.

  • devin skolaski

    # 29 lives in tx awsome

  • ysoserious


    Clearly she swallows.

    • Kyle429

      What you did there, I see it.

  • Thistle

    #24 has the quiet beauty

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    #2 #18 #24 #29

    Simply enchanting!

  • Uggs

    Most of these chicks are gross because of their chests tats, what happens in 20 year when they start to wrinkle and look fucking DISGUSTING. Tattoos are hot, in the right place. A womans arms and chest are no place for ink, way to destroy your once beautiful body.

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