If you like tattoos, get in here (34 Photos)

  • fisharms

    #1 yummy, I want to see the rest of #23!

  • Gera

    #32 Bully Suicide

  • Mathias_

    #6 epic side boob

  • BWH236

    My god I can't even begin to choose only one. SO AMAZING! this should be a weekly gallery! MOAR PLEASE!

  • Anonymous

    Bestest post ever!!!

  • SolidusSnake420

    Tattooed girls are awesome

  • this guy

    i didn't see a single tattoo in this thread….

  • http://www.xplicitbootlegs.com TripKore

    LoL.. It's funny, if the title says "emo" all the comments are full of hatred, if the title says "tattoo" all the comments are full of "MOAR". It's pretty much the same thing haha

  • POP

    #32 #2
    LOVE IT. MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Because I Can

    Changing name of post to ‘quickest way to get morning wood’

    • Doobsy

      Amen Brother!
      Works everytime.

  • Hooleyman

    #26 Courtney Cruz aka Devil's Playground in Los Angeles. Her burlesque shows are AWESOME! She's one girl even my own girl said she would turn Lesbian for. LET'S SEE MORE OF COURTNEY!

    • wingnut

      Dude, if she said she would turn lesbian for her, she is already there. not that there's anything wrong with that.

  • Christov1

    Thank you, Chive! I love ladies with INK!!!

  • Kyle429

    #2 and #4 Hot damn! Someone find them, please? MOAR!

    • Kyle429

      Never mind about finding 4, that's Jessica Jane Clement.

  • Mecko

    Please find them all especially 12 14 16 20 24 *25 *27 28 30 3132 33 34
    but *25 *27 * 30 they are gorgeous

  • Shar11

    #4 is smoking hottttttt…..she's got really nice eyes.

  • Matt

    PLEASE make this a weekly post Chive! So many of us love tattoos and beautiful girls! Make this happen!


    #2&32 ohhh !! Those sexertary glasses !! MY HEART !!

  • brent

    #2 please find her, so hot

  • Franklin1138

    I love tattoos, but I get picky about how they're done. There should be an artistic flow to what you've got. In my personal opinion, a body full of tats is too much (especially across boobs), and I don't like when they're random things placed randomly around your body. Too distracting. I personally like either a shoulder, a sleeve or a half-sleeve, and doubly so if there's some rhyme or reason to the artwork (because that's what it is…artwork).

    So my favorites are #11, #15, #22 and #32.

  • gelepa

    #11 who is this 'supreme bitch' model, i know that photo was taken by http://simplysteezy.tumblr.com/ or go to http://www.simplysteezy.com/ he has some nice stuff in there (chicks mostly)

  • Lefty8

    #6 Lucky bird…

  • Anthony

    #16 25 and since I am from Tx #29 find moar chive now!

  • DINO


  • MaxxyWaxxy


  • teamgrindem

    #1 and #25 MOARRRR!!!

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