If you like tattoos, get in here (34 Photos)

  • B-Tommy

    #29 can we get better shot of your right hip/awesome stomach?

  • http://Gigafytes.com Eric

    Why doesn't this one show up on thechive iPad app?

  • WET

    stuf is racist!

  • cerebro

    chicks that have to have LARGE tattoos(tramp stamps,fo sure),have lack of confidence in themselves,and have a very poor self-image of themselves

  • akuma308

    Who is #3 i realy have to. Shes perfect

  • thelen61

    Why would anyone with such a beautiful body debase it as many of the gals did? Get a photo and put in on your refrigerator – at least you can throw it away when you tire of it!

  • Bugman72

    If you don’t dig chicks with tattoos, don’t open the damn blog…. Now go give mommy back her iPad……

  • http://stunningjuststunning Rob

    #2 is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!

  • moar boar

    #2 #11 #13

  • lindy919

    Dear women,

    please don't do this. It is dumb.

    Thank You

  • Dano

    #6…nice tat and tit. Wonder if that's where the expression "tit for tat" came from? Anyway, MOAR!

  • Torque

    I want MOAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the tattoos so hot

  • FourStringKing

    No love for #27 yet? Fine, I'll take her!

  • critic

    Nothing like hot tatted anal whores.

  • VleNik


  • Mean Joe

    All drop dead beautiful but good lord#27 and #31 will you marry me? both of you…

  • Winter.87

    Show me moar
    #12 #6

  • MattKL

    #2 This.

  • Anonymous

    All you jealous bitches that don’t dig tats… Shut the fuck up. They have em cuz they like em. All these women are gorgeous. Dude said it best.. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. If anyone wanted your damn opinion they’d ask.

  • Jeremy Wagner

    Where in Texas is #29, I am in Dallas.

  • kt

    Best high moment…for a split second I thought #28 had a red Bush of hair in her ass. ha

  • Ninja Turtle

    I'm not so much a tattoo kind of guy but a very attractive girl with freckles is a definite yes

  • lentinant

    #1 for sure

  • alex

    #27 in the arm pit OUCH!!!! #4 jessica jane clement ❤

  • andrewarsenic


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