• fnaah

    you keep using that word, "impossible", i don't think it means what you think it means

    • varlotto

      Anybody want a peanut?

  • sketchent

    impressive, except i hate tricks that use those damn sticks on the table for them to ride along. never the less still damn good

  • knotmee

    fuck you chive for adding ads to the videos. next you'll have those javascripted ads that take over the whole page.

  • Charlie

    Dude: I'm gonna go play pool
    Physics: Can I come?
    Dude: Nope!

  • This guy

    Holy shit. You know how to handle your balls!!

  • Jimmy the Saint

    Patience. This man has more than I do.

    • Pokepoke

      A life, you have more of it than this man

  • Otter

    If he had a girlfriend he wouldn't have to play with his balls all the time.

  • Intrepid

    My friend and I actually made a rap to this song in the background. Check it out

  • me

    I don’t want to call fake or anything because this is pretty cool and all. But the cue ball just doesn’t look right in a lot of shots.

  • mike

    impressive but definitely does not defy physics

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