Open up to your Dream cars of the Week (25 HQ Photos)

  • SuperDanMan4290

    #10 – Full of Awesome!
    #13 – Such a Fine Bull
    #28 – A great classic i wouldn't mind owning one day
    #23 – What is her name? and is there any more photos of her online? 😀


    • WS6

      Nope. Keeley Hazell

    • 333

      Keeley Hazell. And yes, she has PLENTY!

  • Sean

    I don't normally pick American, but I gotta go with #19 this time.

  • GRadde

    #4 is up there among the world's most beautiful Ferraris. *drool*

  • tapsnapornap

    #1 #1 #1 !!!!!!!!! For me this week plz

  • Open up to your Dream cars of the Week (25 HQ Photos) |

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  • wisemx

    #5 Want that front end, sweet.
    The chain, seriously? Nuttin but trouble.

    • Jackelone

      Ya but not on that bike. What a waste of money. Simply bought them for the looks/trendiness. With that rake those forks are probably only working at 20% of their efficiency and at that angle will never work correctly.. That's a good $2000 wasted simply on looks. wish i had that kind of money to throw around on our custom bikes ( I would use it a little more wisely.

      /shakes head

      • wisemx

        Agree. For the bikes we build none have that rake unless they are old skool 10' long widowmakers. The front though, those inverted forks and the brake hardware, yeah. 😉
        $2000 seems a bit light, I'm guessing the forks and stoppers would run $3000.

  • dorkfish

    #19 and #28 I'll take both

  • MikeL71

    #1, #10, and #21 get my vote. #23 is pretty impressive too though.

  • texjosh

    Just look at #7… and then look at #10. #7 is automotive beauty. #10 is souless. I think MacLaren really missed the boat with this one. All that said, I'm a sucker for the Corvette in #16.

  • Sloppyshifter

    #12 Z1000 daily rider
    #3 weekend driver

  • rphilman1

    I never really liked the new Camero… until I saw this one. #15

  • etcrr

    #4 #16 the 67' stingray 427 cu 435hp then #28 american muscle

    • zorro

      what is #4?

      • bob

        I think it looks like a 1957 335 sport. Ferrari of course, to state the obvious!

  • Micio

    what's #1?

    • Pwithc

      I could be wrong but it could be a Brabus

  • Micio

    you're right, i just checked with their website and it;s a SLR

  • Ryan

    What Car Is #20?

  • whyme1973

    #23 Now that's a dream ride.

  • bob

    #19 #23 #28 classics that will never go out of style

  • Ian

    Gumpert Apolo

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