Fascinating facts about dreams (12 Photos)

Source = Listverse

  • Seldi84

    #11 I remember a teacher telling me that in school. One of those random facts that just stayed with me.

  • gingergreek

    Fascinating! sharing this. The only dreams I tend to remember are sex, flying or dreams about work. In fact one dream I had about work was racking my brain about how to help one of our students better communicate their wants and needs. It came to me in my dream (Which basically use what they like to apply to social communication) I jumped up wrote that shit down went back to bed and best news? It worked, we had a huge breakthrough with them and reduced their challenging behaviour. Sorry for the long sentence just thought it was appropriate.

  • hark1985

    3 B's in my dreams. boobs, beer and bacon. morning wood

  • silky johnson

    Please explain to me how #6 was proven. Also, anyone ever have the dream where they’re back in college and you’re not going to graduate bc you forgot about a class all semester?

    • rphilman1

      Yes! I have several times! That is so weird!

    • Justin R

      #6 pretty much seems to state that your dreams tend to have a different meaning then what your dream may be about. What happened in your dream is a symbolic meaning for something else.

      • silky johnson

        I just don’t understand how its proven that every person in my dreams is someone I have encountered in my past. That’s like something out of Lost

  • Leonel_LyL

    I was almost fascinated by this, then I sawr "according to Wikipedia"…. This isn't Reddit!

  • The truth

    All I can say chive is this is copied almost exactly from listverse. I though you were above this. Otherwise I never have a bad word to say about you guys!

    • rphilman1

      It says "Source = Listverse" at the end.

  • Snail

    #7 Wow I have always had dreams about my teeth falling out, never knew of anyone else having them. Always dreaming about falling, trying to run but cant. Hate dreams like that.

    • Jake

      The teeth dream could have been saying that you need to stop talking so much and listen more.

  • Roy1531

    I don't buy into scientific research for the most part. How do they know we forget most of our dreams if we forget them and are unable to tell anybody what we dreamed because we forgot it? Scientist need to start putting a disclaimer on all of their research that reads: This is scientific fact until we come up with another scientific fact that disproves the earlier scientific fact.

    • Leonidas

      They've got a word for that. Theories.

  • Lisa

    So we are going to trust the statements of this person who relies on Wikipedia and their own "personal experience?"
    #3 #4

  • doogie

    heres a fact yall missed. the brain produces the drug DMT when in R.E.M. (pronounced rem not the band), this is thought to contribute to such vivid dreams you cant sleep, and an abnormal level of DMT in people who quit smoking cigarettes and cannabis, resulting in insomnia for these people.

  • http://togtfo.com Don

    QUICKLY EVERYONE! Lets go to wikipedia. Then it won't matter what our degree or study is in…we'll all be geniuses as long as the internet doesn't go down.

  • jaydub

    dreams are like your fantasy football team…the only that cares to hear about them is you….

  • Jonathan

    Silky, I have that dream of missing a class all semester continuously and have had it recently even though I graduated 8 years ago. Best I can explain it’s meaning is feelings of regret. Very interesting to hear other people have that same dream. Is yours always the same class? Mine is always the same econ class…weird

    • Jake

      Last fall, during the semester, I dreamt that I was 10 minutes early for my Spanish class so I decided to go run a mile around my campus but when I got back, I still had time so I went for another mile. While I was running I ran into black people chilling on this walk way that I was trying to get by but they came towards me (huge football players btw) and I freaked out so I turned around and all of them jumped me. I ended up being 45 minutes late to class (50 minutes long) and I have never missed a day of class so I was super p/o’ed. I started crying because it was the last week because it was my first semester of never missing a single day in all 14 years of school. I tend to dream about things that I think of at exactly 12 o’clock pm. If I wake up after then, I tend to dream about things that I think of right before I lay down to go to sleep.

  • Just Sayin'

    i've also had this a few times (cool story bro yeah yeah yeah), but it is genuinely terrifying. You feel wide awake, can't feel your body and no matter how much you try, you physically can't move a limb.
    Like you said, when your dreams and this half-asleep state combine, it results in some fucking terrifying dreams and situations your mind throws itself into…

    • silky johnson

      Im out of college 10 and years and I still have it. I feel so awake during it and it usually takes me a few terrifying moments to realize I was dreaming after awake. Im sure it has something to do with regret. Someone once told me it has to do with our obligations towards society

  • http://www.fifthonthefloor.com Tar Tarlton

    #3, #8 I don't want to be a party pooper, but a lot of this is up for speculation. For starters, Wikipedia is not a legitimate source of information when discussing science (try: academic search premiere). Second off, I've seen number 8 on the internet before and asked my psychologist brother about it. He pretty much said that it's bullshit. Interesting stuff, probably not much legitimacy to some of it though. I stopped reading at 8.

  • Jake

    Everyone thinks I am weird because I remember everything of every dream even after years. I remember dreams from when I was 4 all the way to dreams from last night. I control my dreams and have thoughts; I tell people I feel like I’m 38 (I’m 19) because I dream so vividly it feels like I have lived for twice as long. I have never dreamt about food or water though, probably why I wake up so freaking hungry every morning. Lolll When I dream of being in Hell, I basically shut down Satan rather than being scared. I find “scary” dreams to be awesome because I’m never freaked out, but rather I feel like a boss (especially in zombie dreams). Maybe I should write some movies when I’m older?

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #3 Because everything on Wikipedia is true…just ask em

  • yembyphish

    thank you for info, man. question; how come i then punch or kick in my sleep? would this be because my conscious mind temporarily, no matter how short the duration, wakes?

  • brett

    I have NEVER had to read so much on the chive, but totally worth it.

  • Shane

    #1 is nonsense. Me wife kicks, talks, and throws her arms around while she's asleep.

  • Jorge

    My friend says she doesn’t dream 😦

  • Jala Meladuro

    I dreamt about cock last night.. I mean a cock fight.. As in roosters . You all have dirty minds! :p

  • Franklin1138

    I would have enjoyed it more if the text didn't read as if a philosophy student on crack had written it.

  • Aelius Maximus

    So does that mean all the chicks I look at while Chiving may be part of my dreams?!? Niiiiiiice!!!

  • JesusChrist

    #11 is absolutely false. He claimed to have been inspired for Kubla Khan and said he was unable to complete it because that inspiration ran out, but it was later discovered that only did some of the facts of his story match up, but he had previous "drafts" of the poem in his possession as well. Coleridge worked long and hard on that poem.

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