The Red Sonja cosplayer revealed: Mandy (19 Photos)

At last year's Comic-Con, a redheaded beauty awed the crowed with an agressive Red Sonja costume. The girl told everybody her name is Mandy, nothing more. Since then Mandy has been Belle of the Cosplayer Chatroom Ball. But little is known about the girl who stepped into the spotlight that day only to make a quick exuent.

So I did some digging. Mandy is a 21 year old fashion student in NYC. One of Mandy's friends tipped eventually tipped me off to her tumblr, The Grind Haus because she said, 'Mandy is so talented and beautiful but isn't in your face about it. She's an amazing person and I think her and her work should be seen."

Good point. Mandy's tumblr here.

  • hamburglar

    Less art more mandy

  • YB Legal

    Me likey….

  • The_Emard

    Holy Shit, Batman !

  • Whitewolfak907

    I’m in love
    Artistic and beautiful
    Bet she has brains too

  • oliver

    she is shopped and not hot.

  • Eddy

    Super pretty and very talented. Find a girl like this you marry her. Period. Mandy if you're reading this I hope they clone you someday….. Over and over and over…….. #19

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  • Ben

    That's a man……isn't it? Something tranny-ish going on here….

    • Jay

      don't be mad you can never hit that, bro

  • Chuz

    great art work, but what i love the most is Mandy's lips!

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  • mike

    fappity fappity fap

  • wait wut?

    Seems like a bit of a attention whore to be not “in your face ” about her looks or talent.

  • Twebb

    you are a boss of humanity

  • Doctor_Krieger

    DDDDAAAAMMMMNN to infinity and beyond

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  • Corey

    I think I found my soul mate…

  • THT

    #6 – two right hands? am i right?

  • NaTaS

    So some girl that copies other peoples art? wow. Plagiarism is like SOOO in these day.

    • Noegod

      Its only stealing if you don’t honor the artist you copy from, but if you do, its considered an homage.

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  • Yesssss


  • Anonymous

    I love flat stomachs, that’s the make or break it point on a woman. Must have a flat stomach.

  • Jack Alope

    The nekromantix patch sold me.

  • ramon

    If you want some babies Mandy I can make that happen.

  • Anon

    Welp, I’m hard.

  • Holmespump

    "Exeunt" is a verb and cannot be done by one person.

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