The Red Sonja cosplayer revealed: Mandy (19 Photos)

At last year's Comic-Con, a redheaded beauty awed the crowed with an agressive Red Sonja costume. The girl told everybody her name is Mandy, nothing more. Since then Mandy has been Belle of the Cosplayer Chatroom Ball. But little is known about the girl who stepped into the spotlight that day only to make a quick exuent.

So I did some digging. Mandy is a 21 year old fashion student in NYC. One of Mandy's friends tipped eventually tipped me off to her tumblr, The Grind Haus because she said, 'Mandy is so talented and beautiful but isn't in your face about it. She's an amazing person and I think her and her work should be seen."

Good point. Mandy's tumblr here.

  • The Dude

    I'd love to MEAT Mandy.

  • Thomas

    Very beautiful. Chive, you should introduce yourself to her. Make her a Chivette. ::)

  • Bob

    #2 More of this girl and less of that idiot 'stuf' please, his rants distract from the beauties.

  • Tlaque212

    WOW. They don't get much nicer than that….For all you HOKIES; Thats a real woman, head to toe……

  • The World is Full of Crashing Moar!

    She is amazing. The chewbacca picture shows me she certainly isn’t just a pretty face.

  • Brian

    Fake and gross

  • J

    I agree this girl is into herself

  • sophiewilliamz

    chive girl here

  • hmcby

    #1 Perfection period

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  • Always Last


  • dylan

    Is English your primary language?

  • Corrotion Potion

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  • Snortin Morton

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  • Corrotion Potion

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