They tried making a Prius cool but then this happened (20 photos)

  • texjosh

    #10 is fake right? It has to be. Doesn't the battery pack recharge via braking? Seems bad to modify em.

    • prius lover

      well it doesnt matter if you change the brakes, the system will be the same. its not fake, its not the brakes, its that you let go of gas which brings up mpg and the motor becomes like a generator. trust me, i know alot about priuses, my dad is an expert with them. he has built, im gessing 100 priuses for sale, salvage from auction, new and old. we have 2 new priuses that we're working on and 1 my mom drives. its a great car. i love priuses, i have always loved them, well until prius c came out. some of them look awesomer in this gallery. 16,13,10,17,8,and 6 are good looking. i dont know why everyone says the prius is a bad car.

  • MetalVs Plasic

    Making a Prius cool is like trying to keep a classic British car from breaking down , its just wont happen.

  • Sloppyshifter

    #16 looks aight

  • etcrr

    the car is bad enough but to make it worse?

  • GaliIntitte

    necesidad de comprobar:)

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