Would you eat at this waterfall restaurant? (18 Photos & video)

  • http://twitter.com/boyettec316 @boyettec316

    #15 find her!

  • l.starr

    this has "athlete's foot" written all over it, hahah. otherwise, so cool!

  • ruel

    been there before.

  • MattKL

    Cool looking place, awesome Philippine food? Hells yeah I would.

  • eo2

    Looks clean enough

  • freddy boy

    Reminds me of a waterfall outside Joplin. Looks like fun and the food looks terrific.

  • TonyM

    Most waterfalls are dangerous or deadly to be near? Don't do crack ok.

  • shane

    thats cool and authentic looking only thing is i hope all waste is collected not left to drift down stream and shit

  • Anonymous

    what country?

  • K Money

    Was not at.all interested until awesome pics of food were posted….looks amazing. Dangerous, but amazing.

  • Em

    This is in Villa Escudero

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  • Scrobe Bryant

    Love to try new things!

  • Dickle

    #9 Duh! Yum.

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  • Djillali

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    Waterfall restaurant in the Philippines : theCHIVE

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