A few Super Bowl facts to impress your friends this Sunday (17 Photos)

  • Master_Rahl

    #5 I think I was one of the few rooting for Buffalo each time they made it to the Superbowl. Since the Pats absolutely BLEW during the early 90's.

  • indesignkat

    My two saddest memories from childhood that involve television are the Dolphins loss to the Redskins and the MASH finale. In fact, in my memory those happened on the same horrible night.

  • Gilmourw

    When I got divorced years ago, we had to attend court-ordered mediation to hammer out custody/visitation for our young son. We split up the holidays for visitation, but I insisted (and was awarded) Super Bowl Sunday every year. The judge got a real chuckle out of that… He said it was the first time he had seen that go into writing in a custody agreement.

    • Canadastani

      Dude. That’s f***ing awesome.

    • Occupy The Gap

      Very cool . The day after SUPERBOWL SUNDAY should be a national holiday!!!

  • Don't tase me bro

    Actually the packers have the most championships. I believe it’s 13 or so but some of them were before the championship was called the Super Bowl also known as the pre-merger so many people don’t count them. But they have the most championship wins.

    • Dan

      That’s why it said most Super Bowls, not most championships.

      • Green and Yellow

        Doesn't matter, still won.

  • Kimmy

    Go Giants!!!

  • Real Dirk Diggler

    #5 #15 Thanks for the reminder….

  • supafly

    Fact; if i actually recited these "facts" to my friends they would look at me like i'm a total dork

  • Mr. J

    Fastest points scored in a Superbowl: Devin Hester, Da Bears!

  • Ashley

    Most corrupt game: Seahawks vs. Steelers 2006.

  • hoodie sucks

    Fuck the Patriots, cheatn arrogant pricks!

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  • gem

    That game was so corrupt cuz there are so many steelers fans! Mwhahahaha!

  • wayne

    Wow james harrison lost a bunch of weight in that picture. And when was his nuber 10?

  • Warren
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