• Suzie

    Is it me or is Kermit really small. Isn’t that an iPhone?

  • Tucker

    Hummmm I just love asian porn!

  • Thenelson

    Fap Fap fap

  • Solaralien

    Now slap her butt!……..YEAH!

  • CudaMan

    OMG! Is that my parents?!?!?!?!

  • EnderUSAF

    Because even Kermit can appreciate a redhead……

  • Chris


  • dubbici420

    One of these things is not like the other……..

  • Gravy


  • Austin

    I wonder if it tastes like chicken.

  • D

    Frap frap frap…

  • Josh

    "This guy has nothing on me"

  • Anonymous

    “Froggy style is overated”

  • mike

    he's taking the break up with miss piggy really hard

  • tdotbronco

    skiit,skiit,skiit,skiit……….just wanted to be part of the awesomeness of the comments

  • Adam

    Sesame Street: Behind the scenes.

  • Anonymous

    Stop deleting mine chive…..!!!!!! “Where’s the bacon” by,” louie lou”

  • Jlb

    On a lonely Saturday night it was “yellow prick toad” or Lana del ray on snl the choice was obvious

  • anonymous

    One fateful day, Kermit was browsing his usual Froggy style… until he found his Parents…

  • blackheart

    Omg mom and dad made a porn

  • musclerobot

    It aint easy being green.

  • Jeremy

    this would be so much hotter if it wasnt yellow frog porn..

  • tralfaz

    And the winner is…….

  • Jose

    At least he's not a racist..

  • Andrew

    So THAT’S why Kermit sent all those e-mails begging Discovery Channel for an HD App

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