Chive Everywhere (84 Photos)

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  • Tom BmoreMD

    34 & 59 reppin MD!

  • Kate

    #42 all the way baby! Hate the snow! Go Chi!

    • Andrew

      Thanks Kate. This pic was taken the second "major" storm we had a couple of weeks back. My buddies truck has the license plate CHIVE ON. Eventually we're gonna put our cars together and I'm sure you can figure out what it'll say haha.

      • Milkman

        42 rogers park?

        • Andrew


        • Andrew

          yeah. are we "neighbores?"

  • @kpom25

    #19 fucking love anthrax

  • Kyle from NJ

    #79 is beautiful.

  • Hand of Fate

    #79 Damn, you are a sexy little thing!

  • Chivette Lover

    #50, how about you put on a camo bathing suit and show us that hip? Thanks for your service!

  • grrregg

    #50 First, Thank You for your service 2nd, I hope it is a successful surgery. Wonderful attitude helps a lot. Best wishes on your speedy recovery. KCCO

  • Rumpledumpskin

    If I ever utter the words "keep calm and chive on" I hope someone has the decency to shoot me in the head. Chive is not a verb.

  • Vinnie

    Just curious when the KCCO and BFM t's were going to be in again

  • swaat

    # 20 Oh wickow How I miss thee!!!

  • swaat

    Wicklow* damn autocorrect.

  • Another chiver

    Moar #79 so sexy

  • Scarlett Johannson

    #71 Need MOAR of that sexy beard man!! I would rock his effen world!

  • Lucas (U of S)

    #38 Craig says DAR or it didn't count. (Lucas)

    • Katie

      That was not a specification when this was argument originally started. suck it.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #80 Repin' The Chive while it's freezing cold. Did the exact same thing in Madrid this past New Year. Balls of steel guys haha!

  • Scotsman

    #66 they look important. the faces in the back are amusing

  • Luke

    #62 did you make a computer desk using 80/20? NERD!!!

  • Kevin

    I dont know where youre from but in TEXAS, we fill up our cups, thats embarassing #4

  • Arglebargle

    Well I see he can at least still play Skyrim.

  • Bobby

    #73 Keep Calm with Mom Jeans On.

  • flio

    #34 Shocker a snowboarder sitting on his ass on a trail at the Wisp! Get the F out of my way loser!

  • Andrew

    #51 Western Michigan Universitys gonna kick your ass at hockey this weekend.

  • mepopo

    #19 Is that Anthrax? Fucking rad.

  • Jmangus

    # 37 good to see another steamboat post. Must wear kcco to the mountain.

  • genghistron132

    #53 Lamb of God!!! best ever!!

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