Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

    #24 totally threw me off for a second.

    • Just Sayin'

      i still don't get it :/

      • Just Helpin'

        The girl's legs look like they belong to the guy and visa-versa.

        • stumeister

          They honestly look like they both own pair of chick legs!

          • 1withlife

            What kind of man wears those teeny tiny socks?!?

            • F.S.M.

              Cuz knee high old school NBA style socks are awesome??

              • NOT stuf

                Maybe they are both girls…

            • hMMMM

              those are Joe Boxer ankle socks. Don't hate.

              • Simon

                Or maybe, just maybe, a nerdy guy has a hot girlfriend?

      • Yasir_Khan

        the legs in jeans belong to the guy…

    • Cerati_z

      Yeah I was like nice ass…then…shit….

    • MonkeyMadness

      lol I didn't notice that until now. I just glanced at it and went on. Good eye.

    • BuffaloJustSayin

      He totally has the sexiest legs I've ever seen.

    • Jammy

      Good thing someone explained to cause I was thinking what homo dude where's an ankle braclet and those gay sandals.

    • geez

      Ok, I get it now, *It's okay look*..

    • HUH?

      oh i see, his hand is on his own taint. now it makes sense.

    • Rad

      its a trap

  • afewlittletrysts

    #24 guess we know who wears the pants in that relationship.

    • Anon

      I think it tricked you.

      • afewlittletrysts

        hahhaa no im well aware that dudes dont wear sandals with pretty painted toes.
        she's still not wearing pants tho.

    • AllanA

      It's a trap….!

  • Jack_LeMac

    #13 Mitch Connor, that son of a bitch

  • anon

    Every time I see a picture like this, all I can think about is how some creeper was sitting there waiting for this group of kids to all look up the times for that movie showing at the local theater, only to post it on reddit making it seem like all they do is use their phones and don't say a word to each other.

  • http://twitter.com/unkindagiza @unkindagiza

    #8 Is that Havasu?
    #15 Not sure which was worse last night. Bill Murray and Regis' gaze or the Girls' lipsyncing….. BOOM

    • Danger Pat

      The joke was pretty funny. But ( not to be that guy) the Girl's were not lipsyncing… and it was two nights ago. Also, if you are a guy, you can't help but gaze like that at Girls' Generation.

    • Mike

      Hate all you want on SNSD, but I still love them.

  • POSTdiluvian

    #8 Only in… wait, that's not New York!

  • Damian in Oz

    Good effort of giving out someones credit card details.
    Don't matter if its shopped, somebody could be played as a sucker there

  • Rob

    shouldn't danatela boehm be worried that her credit card number is on the chive

  • http://www.lucasdelaporte.fr Lucas

    #20 french minister… anyway he's gay. (by his own admission)

    • newt gingrich

      who cares about the fago, who is the chick?

      • Obama nation

        Shakira being felt up by french minister

  • Burley

    How did you grow the hair on your right side so fast?

  • Josh

    Who's legs are who's. Mind BloWN!

  • mike

    #1 Bingy Barker?

  • time4taco


  • time4taco

    #26 sad burger king sign is sad

    #28 hot megan fox is hot

    • Eric

      Not to mention the grammar error in the caption.

      • John

        The failgrammar killed the funny.

  • James

    I have the toaster in #3 and it is as awesome as it looks also it comes with a little tray that you can heat bacon up on

  • one_word_dave

    anyone else notice that #22 is also a cute redhead??

    • Please


  • Jamie

    #26 my going to McDonalds okay what? Come on people

    • Eric

      I think he meant YOU'RE. I guess grammar isn't part of grammar school anymore.

    • Joe

      Hahah seriously. It's YOU'RE! What is this? The fifth grade?

  • Just sayin...

    #12 Obviously not worried about someone else using their credit card… Dumbass.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Thought the same thing……..then realized what the card said.

  • luckyB

    i think there needs to be a post today…just for bill murray #2 #10 since its groundhog day and all…

    • luckyB

      DAMN me and my typing skills to bloody hell. #15 sorry

  • KorovaMilkBar

    And you slept with all of them, right?

  • John

    #24 needs some pants. Seriously dude, WTF? He has girl legs.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      look at it again dude, he's got the jeans.

    • Guestimations

      Because it is the girls legs.

  • Naked_Party_Runner

    #17 Yes, it is a bottle of Windex. It keeps me from streaking.

    • Darkfish

      Credit: The Amazing Johnathan

  • Shorty

    #13… for my BEN.

  • Shorty

    #24 Anklet and sandals = friend-zone. I don't care if he's not wearing pants!

    • rphilman1

      Congratulations, you're a dumbass!

  • Anonymous

    Can we have moar of #22 please!!!

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