If I become emperor of my own country, pics of redheads will be my currency (38 Photos)

  • http://thechive.com josh11

    Also hottie on the left in 5. Hella MOAR please

  • Its a shame

    Why cant any of these girls live in kodiak ak…

  • http://mikedyess.info/bc/blake-lively-sex-history-justin-timberlake-is-gay-afternoon-dump/ Blake Lively Sex History & Justin Timberlake is Gay [Afternoon Dump]

    […] • Who would have known redheads are this attractive? […]

  • beeneverywhere

    I love redheaded but there are few real ones here. I usually only love real ones. To be real, the red hair has yo be real and she has yo have skin like translucent milk liberally sprinkled with flakes of cinnamon.

    • Millisecond420

      You aren't wrong… but do take in mind that there are plenty of girls out there that fit your description perfectly apart from the hair color… why not let them get some dye and make it complete?

  • WolffmanRob

    #29 HAIL THOR!!

  • AndreLei

    #21! *sigh*

  • http://chive adrian california

    Omg!!! #22mmmmm mmmmmgoood

  • Anonymous

    Damn #2 ugly but in every redhead post

  • sophiewilliamz

    I also have a photo blog

  • Brenden

    #19 Something about her makes me scream … MOAR!!!

  • Dr Cocktor

    #2 is a weekly post, she's hot . . . we get it

  • Kundar

    #23 Redhead, or wearing a gameboy dress, not sure which part is sexier

  • jhf60

    #17 Her, I'd like to talk with.

  • Anonymous

    10 15 19 23.. to die for

  • scary69

    #16 love to see her red beaver



  • Breast lover

    I was the ruler of the world if a girl wanted to buy something or go somewhere she would have to get completely naked and let me do whatever I want to her.

  • Findher

    Oh my gosh…. I had NO idea I liked redheads this much! Wow!

  • Always Last


  • RedLover


  • Petr

    Who is #16. Please someone help me find her!!!

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