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Lana Del Rey’s lips on male celebs (21 Photos)

It’s basically like adding an automatic duckface. And there’s nothing OK about that.

Via Checkthis

  • AllanA

    Why did I scrolled down this thread?!?

  • Vent187

    Does zach efron have a vagina? Sure as hell seems like it..

  • bless1

    #20- tard life.

  • MrJoshua

    I hope Chuck Norris sees this, then comes to your offices and pulls your heads of your bodies with the spine still attached!

  • Chico

    #5 You guys are all screwed!!!!

  • Sluttypanda

    #10 it's Jay-Z!

  • sdawson22

    #5, you duckface Chuck, Chuck duck face's you! Lock your door tonight Bob!

  • GreatWhite

    This was not the best idea you've all had…

  • Katie

    #3 Looks the same…

  • Alex

    #16 look like Leonardo dicaprio 20 years from now lol

  • Brocephus

    Eminem doesn't look any different?

  • dave

    cmon pickin on Lana, shes one sexy redhead…and it wasnt even well done

  • Pete_Rock

    Pretty disturbing.

  • Anonymous

    She sucks ass as a singer.

  • newscot

    Fastest I've ever scrolled through a chive post…

  • sotirisk7

    I saw #5 and i'm still alive

  • good guy steve

    #12… makes Tom Hanks look like the bad guy from kindergarten cop.

  • lol

    seriously #2. that's not male, why is it in here.

  • RichG.inIN

    This entire post sucks. Give up Photoshop. Youu are not funny.

  • Lisa

    Echoing the other chivers…Bob…Mr. Norris #5 is going to hunt you down…wherever you are and your death will be slow, deliberate and progressively painful. Good luck with that.

  • Novakane

    3 seconds of my life I will never get back. Took me 2 to write this.

  • 4dub


  • tflo

    #11 haha, nick cage looks normal

  • did I stutter?

    i would take a blowjob from any of those guys

  • agonystes

    This was terrible

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