Hot Right Now: It’s the end of the week, time to Look Back At It (35 photos)

Lana Del Rey’s lips on male celebs (21 Photos)

It’s basically like adding an automatic duckface. And there’s nothing OK about that.

Via Checkthis

  • Reid Higgins

    Lana is freaking amazing… and I dont really see the duckface.. ymmv

  • crazydog

    Isn't this the chick who couldn't carry a tune in a bucket on SNL recently?

    BTW, they could have at least did a respectable job on the photoshop

    • Anna

      I LOVE THIS LIST!!! I loved the pregnancy euscxe so much that I seriously thought of faking a pregnancy so i could justify snacking in professional situations. On the other hand, I had no problem laying the smack down on the caffeine police. I knew how much I could have down to the milligram. Enjoy yourself! You get to be a total princess for nine months .PS: I still blame the mood swings on hormones (mine are 4 years and 1 next week)

  • Mito

    I'm sorry. I read the title and thought it was something completely different.

  • Chirs

    the new line of fleshlights are a little gay…

  • lemonDorito

    #13 Looks natural

  • SaintSinner6LO

    This is some scary shit. lol

  • jaminboy13

    I don't see the difference.

  • Andy

    Some of these don’t look that bad, bieber is a whole new level of wrong, nothing to do with the duckface he’s just wrong…….. 😛

  • majorfathead

    Why would you do this? More importantly why would I look?

  • http://o the brandon

    How dare you defile Mr. Norris. He’s probably standing outside your front door as we speak. Prepare for pain.

  • Rebecca

    I find her lips incredibly unattractive. Overinflated upper lip

  • Brian

    Terrible photo shopping. They look like they fit on eminem though

  • Joelpersonmanguy

    wanna see another natural duck face? google sabyr omensky

  • Jais

    I LOVED this walk down memory lane! You shluod add snap bracelets ouch! Also, smurfs (of, course) and choose your own adventure books. Oh-and the cartoon Dungeons and Dragons, where they almost made it back home every time, but never did..

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