Meet Claudia, your British Chivette (26 HQ Photos)

Over the past 6 months, you've all become quite familiar with Claudia, an adorable bird from across the pond. Claudia is not only stunning, she's also one of our biggest supporters here at theCHIVE. Whenever she submits, Claudia always passes on a kind word to me and the Chivers. Claudia is so supportive of the Chivettes, her Twitter handle is @BritChivette. Doesn't get any more loyal than that in my opinion. I'll let Claudia take it from here.

I hope that if you read this it will be in your very best English accent...

I am a tea-drinking, pie-eating girl from the cloudy south of England. I have just turned 21 and I am beginning to wonder at what age it is no longer appropriate to wear clothes representing Sesame Street...
If I'm going to be honest with you, my favourite things are lazing around with a duvet and eating white chocolate... I know crazy right, but for a skinny girl I can polish of a whole lot of food. I do have other hobbies though. I like to paint and renovate old stuff into something beautiful, I love dancing and doing yoga and if I could do anything as a day to day job it would be to become a yoga instructor.

I first took a photo for the chive last year, but never thought it would be posted. Turns out it was! And it has been somewhat of an addiction ever since! I love scrolling through all the posts on The Chive and have been known to plug my computer into the TV to scroll the DAR, cinema style!.. In my underwear of course, Chivettes don't wear pyjamas... Has anyone noticed?
Thank you for being truly awesome Chivers, and KCCO 'cause it's nearly Friday!

Say hi to Claudia on her Twitter Page and she'll definitely say hi back.

Claudia’s Twitter.

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  • tim

    I love cock, email me.

  • lilmiss

    A little concerned about eating disorder from the looks of her:/

  • RyanJinjer

    i mean not that i wouldnt get up inside her…but she is sub-par in terms of featured women

  • Vader

    I think she looks pretty damn sexy…especially the red mini-dress…way to represent england brit chivette

  • Blam!

    Hate to say it but the Catepillar Brows kill it. Package ruined.

  • duckiegreg

    Don't listen to those other guys Claudia. You are beautiful, those other comments were probably made by some ugly guys who couldn't get a girl if they tried!

  • Moto

    Love #17. Yum

  • jay

    she needs to gain a few pounds! she's too damn skinny! Cute though

  • joey

    its succh a weeee little tush..

  • Serious

    This post proves that 99.9% of the guys on here drooling over girls are 400-pound bald basement dwellers. THIS chick was a dude! In the 7th picture you can see a moustache on the left upper lip, and on 5 and 17, scroll the page so that her head is not showing, just her body – it was clearly a male! If that's not enough proof, check out her feet in 23. You guys are seriously messed up, come up out of the basement once in a while and get some fresh air.

    • Farank


  • Will2.0

    Her birthmark on her stomach looks like Ireland.

  • rousos

    Sexy brit!!me likes!

  • wtfhappenedguys??

    chive, I hate to say it, but you lowered the bar with this one. she did not deserve her own post by any means. this is one more ugly chick that is now full of herself. now get it together and bring the COTW back up to par.

    -a concerned chiver.

  • wojo

    fantastic. i hope you're not a spurs fan

  • GooseTea

    Chivettes, Y U find no guy to hold camera for you?

  • Sean R.

    she needs her own a weekly category…pretty sure no one could get sick of looking at her

  • Charles

    Concerning Claudia: she is sinfully hot, has a foreign accent (I'm an American), is a foxy left-handed female, adheres to the basic tenets of KCCOianity as revealed by the Grand Duke of Murray, probably not a raging bitch, and sound like a fun girl to get to know.

    In an ideal world this gallery would fall under the mail-order bride category

    Guess we can't get everything we want in life, but it sure as hell rocks when fate intervenes.

    Attn Fate: I've been a good person lately and don't have much in the way of bad Karma, what say we make a deal?

  • colin

    Please, marry me…over everyone else proposing….please.

  • shatnersbassoon

    Shes british?, strange id have missed that if wasnt plastered on every pic.

  • some guy

    You guys are idiots! She was kind enough to share her lovely curves with us for our enjoyment and you want to talk shit? Why don’t all you haters post some pics of your fat hairy guts so we can all talk shit about your bodies?

    Claudia, thanks for sharing. YOU’RE HOT!!! especially #25 and #26. So. Delicious. KCCO and ignore the trolls…

  • moachaen

    Brilliant!! Quite the totty!

  • elbruces

    Congratulations, CHIVE, you have located a thin woman who seeks our approval. She hereby has our approval. She may now go about her business.

  • Grant

    Any dude who says you are anything less than totally sexy is a maniac. Of course you’re skinny. But you have a great arse (see what I did there?) and incredible eyes. These dudes are probably wiping the driuel off their fat faces because, if they actually met you, they’d be blown away.

    • Lee

      1/10 would not bang

  • VanIsleChiver

    If it ain't Scottish it's shite!

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