Meet Claudia, your British Chivette (26 HQ Photos)

Over the past 6 months, you've all become quite familiar with Claudia, an adorable bird from across the pond. Claudia is not only stunning, she's also one of our biggest supporters here at theCHIVE. Whenever she submits, Claudia always passes on a kind word to me and the Chivers. Claudia is so supportive of the Chivettes, her Twitter handle is @BritChivette. Doesn't get any more loyal than that in my opinion. I'll let Claudia take it from here.

I hope that if you read this it will be in your very best English accent...

I am a tea-drinking, pie-eating girl from the cloudy south of England. I have just turned 21 and I am beginning to wonder at what age it is no longer appropriate to wear clothes representing Sesame Street...
If I'm going to be honest with you, my favourite things are lazing around with a duvet and eating white chocolate... I know crazy right, but for a skinny girl I can polish of a whole lot of food. I do have other hobbies though. I like to paint and renovate old stuff into something beautiful, I love dancing and doing yoga and if I could do anything as a day to day job it would be to become a yoga instructor.

I first took a photo for the chive last year, but never thought it would be posted. Turns out it was! And it has been somewhat of an addiction ever since! I love scrolling through all the posts on The Chive and have been known to plug my computer into the TV to scroll the DAR, cinema style!.. In my underwear of course, Chivettes don't wear pyjamas... Has anyone noticed?
Thank you for being truly awesome Chivers, and KCCO 'cause it's nearly Friday!

Say hi to Claudia on her Twitter Page and she'll definitely say hi back.

Claudia’s Twitter.

  • amy

    Eat more protein and start lifting heavy weights! You'll put on healthy muscle in allllll the right places (butts and legs), and it'll make you look healthier, not bulky.

  • Moquitoman

    I love you.

  • Cal1

    Stands. Salutes. And sings the national anthem.

  • Tom Paquette

    Gorgeous…let me know where to send you a KCCO shirt….!!!!

  • myself

    Stop saying tush……it is an ARSE!

  • Brent

    you make me want to move to england

  • rabidpanda147

    many applause…

  • Mr I Love Cans

    I would love an autographed pic
    Keep Chiving.

  • theonlyguy

    I live in the wrong country.

  • Football fan


  • RichG.inIN

    Pic #1 stopped me before I couuld scroll any further. Her pretty blue eyes held my attention for quite a while. I think my heart skipped a couple of beats. # 3, #12 and #25 same thing. All four pics to me are very captivating.

  • showboat

    I’ll be on the next flight out! 😀 . . Beautiful girl!

  • guest

    wow…what an awesome collection of panties….

  • Matt

    God save the Queen!

  • Theeffinjeff

    Awesome post!!! You are stunning Claudia!!

  • Brit Chivette

    Thanks for the all the positive comments guys. If i could id let you all come into my apartment and pour hot tea into my anus to show my gratitude.

    • Chivington

      Obviously a freakin weirdo

  • Dano

    #15…When are they going to invent scratch and sniff monitors? I'd swim across the pond to see this hottie in person.

  • chive10

    Eat a sandwich

  • F3n1x187

    Ok, let me get this straight. You all bitch about the duck faces and the fake tits and asses and the moment a “real”( not that the others are computer generated) chivette posts something you all go ape shit and star calling butterface and all……. Get freaking real!!

    Ps. Stuf fcuk off!!!!!!

  • Dave O.


  • AmChiver


  • the chird

    God save the queen lol

  • bcchiver

    Dont listen to the haters you are amazing.

  • Simon Cowl

    Pretty eyes. Thats about it. Theres nothing sexy about her.

  • Andy

    She is gross. I'd say butterface, but her body is disgusting as well.

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