Meet Claudia, your British Chivette (26 HQ Photos)

Over the past 6 months, you've all become quite familiar with Claudia, an adorable bird from across the pond. Claudia is not only stunning, she's also one of our biggest supporters here at theCHIVE. Whenever she submits, Claudia always passes on a kind word to me and the Chivers. Claudia is so supportive of the Chivettes, her Twitter handle is @BritChivette. Doesn't get any more loyal than that in my opinion. I'll let Claudia take it from here.

I hope that if you read this it will be in your very best English accent...

I am a tea-drinking, pie-eating girl from the cloudy south of England. I have just turned 21 and I am beginning to wonder at what age it is no longer appropriate to wear clothes representing Sesame Street...
If I'm going to be honest with you, my favourite things are lazing around with a duvet and eating white chocolate... I know crazy right, but for a skinny girl I can polish of a whole lot of food. I do have other hobbies though. I like to paint and renovate old stuff into something beautiful, I love dancing and doing yoga and if I could do anything as a day to day job it would be to become a yoga instructor.

I first took a photo for the chive last year, but never thought it would be posted. Turns out it was! And it has been somewhat of an addiction ever since! I love scrolling through all the posts on The Chive and have been known to plug my computer into the TV to scroll the DAR, cinema style!.. In my underwear of course, Chivettes don't wear pyjamas... Has anyone noticed?
Thank you for being truly awesome Chivers, and KCCO 'cause it's nearly Friday!

Say hi to Claudia on her Twitter Page and she'll definitely say hi back.

Claudia’s Twitter.

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  • Woody

    Those eyes…. #!

    • herpaderp

      Shopped, dude.

      • Woody

        #1…i don't care if they are glass eyes….i still like em.

        • Brit Chivette

          No photoshop! Just the sun!

          • herpaderp


            • Brit Chivette

              The sun was just so bright shining right through my bedroom window…

              • Brit Chivette

                Who is this!? Why are you pretending to be a me….. I hope your not a dude cause its kinda weird…!

                • Brit Chivette

                  Who is THIS?!?!?! I would NEVER post anything where I confuse "you're" with "your." They teach us better than that on this side of the pond.

                  • WTF

                    Wow. So you're hating on Americans now?? WTF. You're not so hot anymore.

                    • Brit Chivette

                      Get lost you yankie jerk off!

                    • WTF

                      Damn. And you are a racist, too. Minus three points.

                    • Brit Chivette

                      I could honestly care less. You know you'd shag me. At least you can dream 😉

                    • Meme

                      Please. We formed our own country so that we could get away from women that looked like you.

                    • WTF

                      Aww, look..someone is ruining her big moment…

  • Quirk

    I have never been compelled to post a comment…but #16

    …..holy hell. I don't think I could handle it if I was able to hear your accent too – English accents are sexy! Any chance you'd find it charming instead of creepy if I happened to make my way across the pond?

  • BostonChiver

    #25 is in my top 10 for the year

    • Brit Chivette

      You have made my year!

      • BostonChiver

        Can't resist a beautiful lady from across the pond!

  • KFAD

    Wishing #15 was a scratch n' sniff

  • Jammy

    How u do'in….. On a side note. While it appears you have an awesome personality, don't be afraid to eat a few cheesburgers

  • jake

    nothing special if you ask me

    • Unrealitymag


  • Guesty

    Damn that girl is Stunning!!! 😀 Chivettes add me to twitter too @SnakeMxR KCCO!!

  • herpaderp

    1) Shopped. 2) Not really much of a body, but even so, kinda a butterface. 3) Obviously a crazy attention whore if she's sending pics into this shithole site.

    • Dukes

      dude….really?!?!?!? then get the fuck out of here!!!!!!

      • Brit Chivette

        Thanks Dukes!

        • Dukes

          my pleasure…….and thank you!!!! you are stunning!!!!!

    • inspector32

      if it is such a shithole why the fuck are you on here? if you dont like the way she looks GTFO. takes alot of courage for these girls to put themselves on here. asshats like yourself should go play in traffic.

      • herpaderp

        Courage? Sorry dude, but it doesn't take one ounce of courage to take a picture of your ass and post it on the internet for random guys to look at. By your measure, Tori Black is the most courageous person alive. Hardly.

        • BostonChiver

          GTFO already, guy. It does take a lot of courage to put yourself out there for literally thousands of people to judge you, and hope that it's not all negative like your bullshit. Why don't you throw a pic of your ugly mug up on this site and ask people to comment. You'll be crying yourself to sleep and claiming cyber harassment. if you don't have anything nice to say, then go kick rocks.

          • herpaderp

            TLDR. Sorry, I was watching a CNN award show where they were recognizing Sasha Grey for her courage.

            • BostonChiver

              It was 2 sentences longer than yours. It's cute that you claim to watch CNN. Porn and self-confidence…2 different things.

          • The New Yorker

            Sorry. I've got nothing against chicks who do it, but when I see a girl posting these kind of pics, "courageous" isn't exactly the first word that springs to mind…….

        • The_Dood

          Well, if it takes no courage than I'm sure there are dozens of pics of you over on the berry?

    • herpaderp

      Really I'm here because of the clever comments from people like you.

      • Unrealitymag

        HA! P90 got owned.

        • P90

          Yeah owned, however will I live that down.
          Oh wait I have a life.

          • herpaderp

            Well, the first thing you can do to live it down would be to delete your comment. Oh wait, you already did that. Good thing you have a life and don't care what people say about you on the internet.

  • bobthebuilder

    John, Leo, Mac. Someone for the love of all things British Chivette, get that girl a damn t-shirt already!

  • Craigery

    Gorgeous! #7

  • Jacob Wetterling

    That chick looks busted. Of all the girls that submit pics you guys have to have better looking girls then this.

  • Aznsupastar

    #1 – Those eyes are entrancing …
    #10 – Dat Belly
    #25 – Oh. My. God…

  • Prometheus

    I would.

  • Althing79

    #19 Gaw blimey!!!

  • Slick_Nick

    CHIVE! you need to give this girl a Chive TEE, and then make a Chivette of the week post with the photos she'll send you

  • iswearidid

    Not gonna lie, I had to Google duvet. Love those baby blues!

  • DtownBrew

    How do you say "I'm in love" in British?

    • Charlie

      Jesus Christ that's awful

  • BloodScrubber

    #7 A stunner for sure. Would love to hear her voice. The accent is crazy sexy. *Blink idea> Have Chivettes send in .wav files of their voices. Hmmmm. John? Leo? Could you get on that?

    • herpaderp

      Totally not creepy, dude.

    • lonin

      Twice, and then again in the morning.

  • Joe

    You are incredibly sexy. You have a very sexy stomach. #9 and #10 are extremely sexy

  • HMM

    Show me the British teeth!

  • Swerve

    How does one court a British girl? Superb!

    • Craigery

      Bring her puddings and custards.

  • Shant1k

    #18 I would make love to you a thousand times a day.

    • The_Dood

      They must be very, very, VERY, short sessions then eh? There's 1,440 minutes in a day…

  • kjm

    #9 get this gorgeous girl a damn chive shirt!

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #1 did she photoshop more blue into her eyes? They can't be THAT blue can they?

    • BritChivette

      I never shop!

      • SirTrollsAlot

        Well, you certainly didn't photoshop yourself an ass.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        those are some blue-ass eyes then.

  • CP7

    I just love #9….

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