• polish penetrator

    Fucking adds

  • Simon

    Next step, find Sarah Connor!

  • majorfathead

    IS this how the Borg began?

  • http://chive Chris

    I want one please. How can i get one????

  • JoryCamille

    Me want!

  • DWSmith

    Fucking real life Space Invaders! Yep, we’re screwed.

  • Blurry00

    now i can play space invaders!

  • B.Dick

    Chris isn’t smart enough to have one!!

  • Bananafish

    the formation flight pattern reminds of playing Galaxian

  • RYan

    Reminds me of Galaga

  • WaikikiWayne

    Has SkyNet seen this?

  • joey

    that shit was sick.

  • Jeriamee

    How do they hold up against lead shot?

  • brandon

    does anyone think that these would make any awesome game of space invaders?

  • Lesbianchivette

    Like omg this would be a great stocking stuffer.

  • Diblert

    Um Fucking creepy? Anyone?

  • Lebo Joziwalker


  • GreatWhite

    Commercials now! Really… :-(((((((

  • Asteras_1928

  • Bob

    Smaller and smaller. Soon these little guys will be flying in your usb port stealing your MP3s! And P0RN!

  • Faraday

    This makes me wanna play space invaders, level Skynet.

  • Pooper

    Sorry you guys weren't supposed to see this tech yet!!

  • Justin


  • monkeyPAN


  • Beeneverywhere

    Next step is up scaling for DOD.

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