Reckless driver destroys mailboxes but fails to cover his own tracks (15 Photos)

Found Via Reddit

  • Albus Q

    And then his wife went after him with a golf club and his career went downhill from there.

  • jkmcdermott

    Stuf? As in "why don't you stuf a tree up your ass?". Really, of all the offensive, sexually exploitive sites in teh world, you go after The Chive. Juvenile, certainly, but harmless.

  • Master_Rahl

    I think the underlying fact that we're all missing is this driver's seething hatred of mailboxes. What did they do to him in the past??

  • peanut3603

    Fake, Black people don't know how to start a web page….

    • Lucky_Charms

      Ok I laughed.

    • Simon

      Like I keep saying, stuf isn't Black, only a white liberal could be this self-righteous.

      He's probably the type of guy who rails against the fact that there are no Black people on shows like Mad Men and advocates banning books like Tom Sawyer or To Kill a Mockingbird.

      Hell, he probably gives the stink eye to anyone who orders their coffee black! One time he went off on a British person because they said they were going to, "Nip out for a fag."

  • stu

    so was the point of this just to stare at the guy's bulge in the last picture?

  • coreydemc

    I’m black and I love the chive! The color of your skin means nothing more than where you’ve come from. Girls are beautiful no matter the race. Apocalypse means the end of the world as we know it and I wouldn’t mind it meaning an end to racism and paranoia resulting from it. Keep calm and chive on.

  • Simon

    How fitting, a tool was driving the tool of destruction.

    Don't drink and drive kids! If you drive while you are hammered, you will end up in the slammer!

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  • D-Wiz

    judging by those houses u can all afford new mail boxes. and i'm guessing this is the worst thing in life u've ever experienced if u felt the need to post it on the internet. there are ppl with bigger problems than u gated community, sheltered socialites. cry somewhere else, no pity from me.

  • Franklin1138

    #14 I'm willing to bet if he were in Minnesota his license plate would probably start with "WX" or something like that (which is the DMV designation for a repeat DUI offender…they're known as "whiskey plates.")

    #15 "Hey, don't do that…not on the rug…man…"

  • cwk

    Kind of a weak post.

  • JohnnyMac

    Bahahaha how drunk we he? Seriously how can you drive that awful?

  • Waty

    Judging by the night I had I'm glad that isn't my car in the last pic.. even know we live in the same state according to the licence plate.

  • testtesteten

    #15 He's my hero!

  • http://yahoo mrs.wolowitz

    Can’t we all just get along. If u want black go to m.t.v. no white folks on there…u can “keep 100 and jive on” whatever that means

  • Dickle

    You almost have to give him credit. He's parked perfectly in his bro-in-laws houses driveway. Also, some of those mailboxes really hold up, unless he just barley nicked them..

  • etcrr

    I don't know whose worst the drunk driver, stuf or my trolls lmao

    • Sleep_Salone

      Gettin' your ass handed to you today, huh Stan?

      • Sleep_Salone

        *juveniles…dumb fuck…and really, there isn't a whole lot of energy being expended.

      • etcrr

        the real question is, what are YOU after? the real waste of energy here is YOU dumbass

  • http://thechive Brock hay

    I love tities

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