The story of Seymour the cat (16 Photos)

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  • Zerolegacy

    English dude,English. ^^^^

  • Russell

    Shame on you CHIVE for letting this garbage through. It positively SUCKS! Mac should be banned for life. This whole thing stinks to high Heaven!

  • anonymous

    If there’s anything I hate more than cats its all the cat lovers that do retarded shit like this.. get a dog and a life

  • agonystes

    I will never get that time back. I’m gonna go be a hobo.

  • Nick

    Once upon a time, The Chive was awesome. After slowly degrading into a pit of crap, it’s reached an all time low of gayness and stupidity.

    The moral of the story: this is absolute shit. Even for the lazy shit thats been put out lately.

    • chive10

      Do you feel better when you insult other people’s work? Do you go back to see how many other inconsiderate people have you a thumbs up and feel accomplished. Prob’re prob so messed up you like the negative attention just because it’s attention.. Grow up. Didn’t your mother ever teach you how if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothin at all.. LONG LIVE THE CHIVE..

  • Aims

    Oh this was funny you crybabies

  • etcrr


  • aussie aussie aussie

    Umm… This was a bit shit…!

  • erik

    I hate daughter has one and the fucking thing clawed me up this morning and just a few minutes ago it sounded like the neighbors German Police dog just fucked it up! I hope he did bc i left the fucking cat outside all day!!

  • seriously pooping right now

    Found it suprisingly easy to masturbate to this

  • leah

    Some people like cats. Screw all of u who would hate an animal that people left no choice to depend on them. Cats r like people some are awesome some suck. Don’t be prejudiced.

  • Simon

    Further proof that cats are evil!

    Just kidding! I love cats! Really! I love cats.

    Please don't murder me hobo killing kittens!

  • Bamer36

    I hate cats, can we have a dog day please!!!!!

  • BRapper

    You either hate it or you love it

  • Walter

    This might the best cat gallery I’ve ever seen. You’re a Champ in my book Mac the Intern. Hahahaha love it!

  • Trent

    This may have been the best thing you guys have ever done, loved it :).

  • Joe blow

    Enough with all this cat bullshit already nobody wants to see that!

  • verbalherman

    Far too many Cats on The Chive at times. Man the Fuck up or get back in the kitchen.

  • Sir Boobsalsot


  • Anonymous

    Look like a right cunt

  • Jason G

    What is the chive's obsession with Cats….please less cats

  • @tylermacias

    What are you smoking?
    I want some!!

  • megan

    You’d think all those who are whining about the cats would like them since you all sound like a bunch of pussies.

  • marsbar

    I cannot stop laughing at this! I revisit this hourly

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