Hot Right Now: ‘Facts and Chicks’ is the most informative eye candy there is (30 Photos)

The UFC Octagon Girls make football penalties sexy (17 HQ Photos)

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  • linus

    It couldn't be avoided, Bob. The tri-gap is like staring directly into the Ark of the Covenant

    • What Ever

      Thumb me to hell but this post was horrible – it completely fell flat

      • Nioe


      • tapsnapornap


    • Sophiewilliamz

      look at me

  • jamison


    Poor Doug

    • Ducci

      He deserves it

    • Mikey

      Hey, she touched him….

  • Dr. Fuck

    #15 I hope you dug a hole for your boner.

    • 2pumpdump

      He probably used a spoon

  • forrester



  • Yesss

    Rules…where I'm going we don't need rules

    • Ryan

      I see what you did there😛

  • Greg

    #12 UFC cleavage will overturn any call.

    • kjmasdf

      you can't challenge a penalty…

  • sampson


    Arrianny is my boob. I mean she's one of my boob favorite UFC ring boobs.

    I mean boobs

  • John Travoltron

    #10 I assume Bob is certified by the T.I.T.T.I.E.S association for sexy reffing.

  • Ammiright

    A Superbowl is being played this weekend?? Boobs

  • Random Guy

    Chive,… you need streaming webcams at your office!!!

    • Unfkngblvbl


    • chris

      Pretty sure they've already done this idea.

      • You know it!

        Just have it always on, always, maybe 2-3 cameras, in the main rooms of the chive. Sound too.

  • riley


    It's time for me to be honest with myself. I'd let Brittney kick me in my junk until I sang Moon River

  • McDolphin Sandwich

    #3 I wouldn't mind being in Arriany Celeste's friend zone.

  • Douchey

    #12 when did Bieber get a job at theChive??

  • Brian

    Octagon girls in yoga pants in high-quality pics = epic post

  • Finkleisaman

    Finkle is Einhorn. EINHORN IS FINKLE!!!!!

    • Master_Rahl

      laces out

    • ChristophersonofGray

      "That wasn't her gun digging into my hip!"

  • alex

    you guys have the good life

  • pete


    Brittney Palmer has a really cute smile imho.

    also, boobs.

    • Usoagain

      and she likes dogs…+1 to her and her boobs!

    • Jay

      And don't forget that butt. My god is that perfect.

    • Mark Durden

      Brittney Palmer is my fave out of the 3!

  • Steverino


  • echogeo

    What an end zone on Brittney.

    • Jay

      I would love to go for two.

    • Darkfish

      End zone or friend zone?

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    GOD DAMN. that's all i can say. oh, and lucky bastards.

  • Joey Jojo Junior Shabadoo

    Waaaaaaaaay better than the Superbowl facts you posted.

  • Rybo

    Week has been made

  • limit1perorder


    I wonder how John explains his life to his friends when they ask him how his day went.

    "I had to challenge a play when the UFC girls got too rough with each other's knockers."

  • Dudebro

    I have been waiting all day for this post!

  • Whoopi_G

    #16 I love you.

    • Chicago

      We all do…..❤

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