The UFC Octagon Girls make football penalties sexy (17 HQ Photos)

For the entire CHIVE/UFC behind-the-scenes gallery CLICK HERE!

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  • bless1

    #15- chic in the middle has a very impressive gap!

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    We waited all day for that?

  • jrey81

    #16 such a beautiful girl. I hope we get a dog thread… I also like that the Chive is plugging the UFC. KCCO, BFM, TC shirts are so much more pleasing to the eye than the sea of tap-out, no-fear, affliction, tattoo-spatter tee's that normally garb the UFC crowd.

  • No You

    #4 more action than I have gotten in awhile.

  • Jayavc

    #15 the one in the middle has an AWSOME HUMP!!!

  • pat

    #16 deserves her own post! although all of them are amazing.

    • Matt

      she'll have her own post in playboy in March I believe.

  • luvB

    This post needs more Brittney Palmer. Or exclusively Brittney. Just moar damnit!

  • Anonymous


  • Mike Hunt

    #5 duckface — still hot

  • tommytwotime

    #16 Please marry me Brittney Palmer

  • alf

    i got something you can practice your choke hold on

  • Joe H.

    This is officially the gheyest thing the chive has ever done!

  • inkedrunningman

    that post was just as funny as it was sexy. PERFECT COMBO!!!!!

  • Cali

    Hot ass chicks in yoga pants and that’s the best shoot you guys could home up with!!! Whack??!!!!!

  • justin

    #13..oh thats niiiiice…

  • Matt

    All 3 are beautiful!

  • Shant1k

    #12 Bad Call. Totally necessary

  • CP7

    #12 thank you….

  • this is me

    Dear GOD I love brunettes in pigtails. #8

  • Matt

    I want an entire post dedicated to Brittney Palmer's hump in yoga pants…

  • wanglong

    its okey with me,

    mSUfurK2v_E youtube]

  • SolidusSnake420

    I love Brittney Palmer and her paintings are fucking awesome as well. I would love to see her do a Claudio Sanchez piece.

  • Anonymous

    I usually have to pay extra to be kicked in the balls.

  • Brad

    My God #13 could bring a tear to any (straight) man's eyes.
    And I loved the overturned ruling as well.

  • Anonymous

    Very Cool. Thanks Ladies!

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